Bosnia: Police uncover large weapons cache

Bosnia: Police uncover large weapons cache


Via Reuters:

Bosnian police have uncovered a large cache of weapons and detained a new suspect in the course of their inquiry into a June bomb attack that killed one policeman and injured six others, the prosecutor's office said.

The attack, outside a police station in the town of Bugojno, was one of the most serious security incidents in the Balkan country since an ethnic war ended in 1995.

Shortly after the blast, police arrested the suspected mastermind and his helper -- both believed to be followers of the radical Sunni Muslim Wahhabi sect.

In a statement on Monday, the prosecutor's office gave an update on the state of the investigation.

"A major quantity of weapons, military equipment and explosives found in the wider area of Bugojno, is believed to have been designated for criminal or terrorist acts," it said.