Belgium: Muslim Executive subsidies delayed

The Belgian Muslim Executive hopes for a quick solution to the delay in the 2008 subsidies, as Minister of Justice Jo Vandeurzen announced. He's delaying them while waiting for reliable information about the financial situation of the Executive.

President of the Muslim Executive, Coskun Beyazgül, says has has good hopes for the ongoing negotiations. He says they've been negotiating with the Justice department administration for months but so far there's been nothing concrete. Meanwhile, they hope a solution would be found quickly.

If there's no solution soon the situation of the Muslim Executive could become critical. Beyazgül says they're in a financial crisis. The Executive has no other means of income other than the Justice ministry subsidies. If there won't be a solution soon they won't be able to pay rent, employees and invoices.

Beyazgül is optimistic though about the Executive's future. It's not the first time that they've dealt with financial problems and in the past they've gotten the subsidies up to six months late. The circumstances this year are exceptional since the 2008 budget hasn't been approved yet, but they're staying constructive and continue to hope.

Source: HLN (Dutch)

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