Denmark: Largest gang plans to expand to Sweden

For the first time ever, police have put together a list of the country's most criminal organisations. The report, which currently consists of 14 gangs and 141 individuals, will be updated and published annually.

Throughout 2007, there were 39 convictions for serious crimes committed by the groups, including illegally possessing weapons, narcotics infringements and violent crimes.

The groups and networks have access to weapons and explosives and, according to the report, are capable of using both in the fight for dominance on the drug scene and internal honour disputes.

The biggest of the gangs, Black Cobra, with its 50 members, had allegiances with the Bandidos gang, one of the two largest biker gangs in Denmark.

Black Cobra had members in the towns of Roskilde, Hundige, Kalundborg, Næstved and Vordingborg. The majority of their members were from ethnic minorities.

The report fond that the group's activities were increasing and that it had plans to expand to Jutland and Sweden.

Another gang, the International Club, based in Esbjerg in western Jutland, was striving toward more co-operation with the Black Cobra group. The two groups resembled each other in structure and members of both groups wore their affiliations openly.

Police expected that there would be increased pressure on the Hell's Angels group especially on the drug scene. The Hell's Angels have already been pushed out of three towns in Jutland, and their drug dealing activities taken over by the International Group.

One of the conclusions of the report was that the future held increased activities from these groups.

Source: Copenhagen Post (English)

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