Copenhagen: Two knifing attacks

There have been several knifing attacks in Copenhagen recently, leading to a discussion about what measures should be taken against it. Here I bring two stories related to the blog subject matter.


Two Icelandic tourists were attacked in the Bobby's Kiosk bar in Versterbro, Copenhagen last week by the barkeeper and one of his friends. One of the tourists sustained seven (or more) knife wounds in the arms, back and chest. The tourists then fled and were given first-aid by a passing police patrol.

The attackers, two young men aged 17 and 21, were released by the judge, though they are still suspect of attempted manslaughter. The younger man, is accused of wielding the knife. The reason being that the two victims had made racist comments and acted aggressively and provocatively. According to the judge, the two suspects were acting in self defense, during a quarrel.

According to Icelandic blog postodc, the barkeeper, who's the son of the bar owner, is of Pakistani descent.


Carlos Kassitah, a 16 year old Palestinian, was killed and his 18 year old friend injured during a fight between two immigrant gangs in a concert in Amager Bio, Copenhagen last Saturday night. Though not part of the gang's 'hard core' Carlos had showed up at the concert with several gang members.

Quite a few people were originally arrested but then set free. The only suspect currently in jail is M.M., a 24 year old immigrant-origin boy. M.M. was involved in helping youth in a youth club and serving as a role model

Two other suspects are still on the run. According to Ekstra Bladet's sources, the two are Moroccan brothers (22 and 24), involved in crime, who have probably fled the country. One of the brothers also works in the same youth club as M.M. and M.M is connected to the brothers' sister.

Carlos was buried today in the Muslim cemetery in Brøndby. He was into Thai-boxing and intended to start learning masonry. Over 1500 people attended the funeral service in the mosque in Dortheavej, Nørrebro (Copenhagen).

The African-music concert was considered a 'low-risk' concert, and there were not many guards on site.

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