Rotterdam: Man sent to jail for polygamy

A 56 year old man of Pakistani origin from Rotterdam was sentenced yesterday for one month in jail and one month suspended for polygamy.  The Rotterdam resident has been living in the Netherlands for 25 years and in 1992 received Dutch citizenship, after which he married a woman from his homeland. Four years later he married a second woman in the Pakistani Jehangira.  Last year this was registered by the authorities there.

Polygamy is a crime in the Netherlands and immigrants who marry a second spouse in their homeland can be prosecuted for bigamy if the marriage is found out and sentenced to up to six years in prison.

The Pakistani man's bigamy was discovered when the man applied at the Dutch embassy in Pakistan for passports for his children from his second marriage.

Magistrate L.K. Rapmund explained the prison sentence saying that the man had lived for a long time in the Netherlands and should have known that it was not allowed there.  He had deliberately contracted a double marriage and that makes it a serious crime for somebody with Dutch citizenship.  The fact that the marriage was contracted abroad and was allowed there detracted nothing from that, according to Rapmund.

The prosecutor asked for a 750 euro fine against the man, who did not appear in court, but the judge did not think it did justice to the seriousness of the offense.

Source: AD (Dutch)

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Anonymous said...

He should go away for 6 years. At least the law is being enforced. I know that immigrants have to sign something saying they won't engage in Dark-Age practices like polygamy, fgm, and child marriage. So enforce it more, and throw the book at a few of these monsters in order to set an example. Like I said before, even if the government regards it as a provocation, more provocations are exactly the right way to deal with Muslims. They should appease us and assimilate themselves, not vice versa.