Netherlands: Moroccans, Turks not marrying Dutch

Netherlands: Moroccans, Turks not marrying Dutch

Highly education Turks and Moroccans of the second generation prefer not marrying a Dutch person. The cultural difference are yet too great.

This according to a study which sociologist Jochem Tolsma will present on September 28 at Radboud University Nijmegen for his doctor's degree.

According to Tolsma highly educated Turks and Moroccan of the second and third generation have a much different standing in society than one would expect.

Tolsma shows in his study that they are still distant from ethnic Dutch, just as their parents who emigrated to the Netherlands as guest workers.

They also don't have high regard for ethnic Dutch. That has everything to do with the disappointing contacts of well-schooled, young Muslims with ethnic dutch.

Source: De Gelderlander (Dutch)

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