Netherlands: Terror suspects freed due to lack of evidence

Netherlands: Terror suspects freed due to lack of evidence

Once again, Dutch authorities release terror suspects due to lack of evidence. This usually means one of two things: Either the legal system is arresting people for no reason, or the legal system is not coping with the war on terror.

This time, the four suspects had been arrested in Kenya, on their way to Somalia. They are known to be members in a Jihadi oriented group.

One of the suspects had already been arrested in the past. He had disappeared with two other young men, and their families alerted the authorities they might have gone on Jihad. They were later found in Azerbaijan and claimed they had just gone shopping in Baku. At least one of the group had contact with Dutch terrorist Samir Azzouz and it was assumed they had actually been on their way to Iraq. The case led to the arrest of several suspected Jihad recruiters.

How many times do you need to try and go on Jihad before there's enough evidence against you?


Dutch authorities said Friday they would free a Moroccan and three Dutchmen
arrested five weeks ago on suspicion of trying to join a jihadist training
camp in Somalia, over a lack of evidence.

"The four terror suspects arrested in Kenya in July ... will be freed

today," the national prosecuting authority said in a statement.

"Investigations by the police have found no evidence for the allegations
against them."


Source: Expatica (English)

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