Sweden: Ramadan - a Swedish tradition

Sweden: Ramadan - a Swedish tradition

In Sweden there are 400,000 Swedes who are Muslims. This makes Islam Sweden's second largest religion. In the middle of August the book "Ramadan –  en svensk tradition" (Ramdan - a Swedish tradition) was published (Jenny Berglund and Simon Sorgenfrei, ed, by Arcus publishing.)

The Muslim month of fasting Ramadan, which concludes with the Id al-Fitr feast, is a big holiday and turns over about a billion kroner in Sweden. In the book Swedish Muslims tell what the fast month of Ramadan means for them. How does fasting work for the young, for the elderly? For top level athletes? How is Ramadan celebrated by university students?

How is Sweden affected by Ramadan? How does Ramadan affect Sweden? are also questions that the researchers who wrote the book try to answer. Ten researchers from various colleges and universities in Sweden conducted the interviews in the book.

Source: Dagens Nyheter (Swedish)

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