Austrians oppose minaret ban, Italians want one

Austrians oppose minaret ban, Italians want one

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These surveys don't ask the same questions so it's not simple to compare them, but I think it gives a general idea of where each country stands. If you see polls from other countries in Europe, please let me know.



A Gallup survey published in the Österreich newspaper shows that 60% of Austrians oppose a minaret ban. Just 31% said they would welcome such a measure. Even among FPÖ (Freedom Party) voters, just 44% supported a ban, 47% are opposed. Among BZÖ (Alliance for the Future of Austria) voters, 70% want a ban on building minarets.

The least approval for such a ban was among Greens voters (4%). 24% of SPÖ (Social Democratic Party) voters support a ban, and 35% of ÖVP (People's Party) voters.

The 400 Austrians questioned were more agreeable to a full-veil (Burka) ban: 53% supported it, 40% opposed it, and 7% had no opinion.

According to the survey fear of Islam among Austrians is limited: 83% of respondents said that they had no unpleasant experiences with Muslims.


According to an Ispo poll published in Corriere della Sera, 46% of Italians would vote to ban minarets. 60% of center-right voters and 40% of leftist voters would support such a measure,

Among those most opposed: Pensioners, those with a lower educational level, workers and those living in small towns.

37% agree to minarets: 46% of center-left voters, and 30% of rightists. Most of those who support them are those aged 30-50, graduates, those living in big cities, professionals and entrepreneurs.

When asked about building a minaret or mosque in their neighborhood opposition rises to almost 70%. 52% think that mosques could be linked to terrorist activities.

Sources: Der Standard (German); Blitz Quotidiano, Corriere della Sera (Italian)

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