Germany: New anti-Islam 'Freedom' party

Germany: New anti-Islam 'Freedom' party

René Stadtkewitz, a Berlin parliament member, founded a new party, Die Freiheit (Freedom). The party is anti-Islam and calls for more freedom and democracy.

Stadtkewitz, who's been thinking of establishing a new party for a while, was kicked out of the CDU party last Tuesday for inviting Geert Wilders to speak in Berlin. He previously voiced opposition to building a mosque in Berlin.

The name of his new party is reminiscent of Geert Wilders' party (Party of Freedom), but Stadtkewitz says there is no collaboration between the two. Wilders is in New York and doesn't know of his new party, says Stadtkewitz

Stadtkewitz says that Islam is the cause for failed integration. "Islam is not just a religion, it's also a political system. Islam is intolerant towards those who think differently." As an example he mentioned a young Turkish woman who's been fleeing her family for the past four years since she doesn't want to be forcibly married. "it's Germany's fault, which didn't teach her family German values."

Die Freiheit wants to keep out right-wing extremists. New members must sign a statement saying they don't have any links to extremist groups. "We are a civic, liberal party," says Stadtkewitz. He doesn't want anything to do with the Belgian Vlaams Belang and Austrian FPÖ either. "These parties incite religions against each other, and we don't want that."

Regarding the Wilders' PVV, Stadtkewitz says there are some thing they agree on, and others where they're closer to the German FDP or CDU parties.

Source: NOS (Dutch)