Belgium: 'Multiculturalism has failed'

Belgium: 'Multiculturalism has failed'

Outgoing PM Yves Leterme (CD&V) showed understanding for the statements of German Chancellor Angela Merkel about the failure of the multicultural society. Leterme told Franocophone radio Bel RTL: "Merkel is right, in the sense that the integration policy hadn't had the beneficial effects we've expected."

The German Chancellor recently made a scathing assessment of the multicultural society.

The last legislative session has been working on reforming the fast-track naturalization law. Leterme says that the reform would put much more emphasis on the need to integrate, learn the language, and adapt to the local customs.

Leterme says that people who come to Belgium for honorable reasons should be provided with shelter, but that they should also adapt to Belgian society, to the municpality where they live and to the social fabric.

Source: HLN (Dutch)