Saturday protests turned violent

The protests in both Holland and Belgium did not pass as peacefully as first reported. All protests were without a permit (ie, illegal). Attempts by bystanders, as well as adults to calm the young people down did not succeed in all cases.

Here are some of the descriptions from the Amsterdam protest:
Young people with their faces concealed with hats and scarves called out slogans for Hamas, Jihad and Hizb-allah. They then set off on a chain of destruction in nearby shops, breaking shop windows, robbing and throwing shoes and clothing out into the street. People ran off into shops to seek protection. A despairing store owner looks around "I'm also Muslim."

Photographers were threatened. Several attempts were made to burn a Danish flag, then a Norwegian, to the cheers of the crowd.

A picture of Hirsi Ali with arrows by her cheeks. Explaining the crude text beneath it one demonstrator said that "It not Islamic to come down on somebody's appearance. But we talk to her at her level, otherwise she doesn't understand.'

The police, which was present at the demonstration reacted slowly and did not prevent the destruction, expecting it to just blow over. Four people between the ages of 14 and 20 were arrested.

In Belgium the protests turned violent as well. In Antwerp, among signs demanding respect for Islam were also signs warning the Danish, such as "The Danish will weep later". As in Amsterdam, here too demonstrators shouting slogans then marched into the city. Dozens were detained, 8 were arrested and one policeman was wounded.

A video of the protests in Antwerp can be seen here. (Source: Brussels Journal)

Sources: Reformatorisch Dagblad 1, 2 (Dutch), Het Parool (Dutch), VRT (Dutch)

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