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Blogs in English - About Muslims and Europe

A New Dark Age is Dawning
Ali Eterz
Bare Naked Islam
Brussels Journal - Belgium
Counterterrorism Blog
Crusade Media
Daily Atheist
Daniel Pipes
Eurabian Dreams
EuroIslam, EuroMuslim
Europe Word
European Alliance for Rational Thought
Gary Fouse
Gates of Vienna
Greeks Rethink
Jihad Watch
Immigration in Europe
Infidel Blogger's Alliance
Islam and Christianity
Islamic Threat
Islamization Watch
Islamophobia Watch
Klein Verzet - Netherlands
London Muslims
Middle East Info
Musical Infidels
Muslim Basque
News from Islam
Quest for the Right One - on marriage
Religion of Peace
Reuters Faithworld
Right Side News
Roncesvalles - Germany
Sharia Finance Watch
Snouck - Netherlands
The Astute Bloggers
The Gathering Storm
Tundra Tabloid - Finland
Undeniable Politics
UP POMPEII - Exposing Islamic Jihad in Britain and Europe
Weasel Zippers
Western Resistance
Wind Rose Hotel - Italy
Winds Of Jihad
Militant Islam Monitor

Blogs in Dutch - specifically about Muslims in Belgium and the Netherlands

Abdelhay - Belgium
Azady - Kurds in the Netherlands
CLOSER - Anthropology of Muslims in the Netherlands
Eurabia - English, Dutch, German
Kruisvaarder's Weblog - English, Dutch
Maghreb Magazine - Morocco in the Netherlands
Nieuw Religieus Peil - religious coercion in Europe
Planet IslamBlog
Wij Blijven Hier - "We're staying here"

Blogs in French

Al Kanz
François Desouche
Le Blog du Cochon Hallal
le blog laiciste
Observatoire de l'islamisation

Blogs in German

Die Grune Pest
Islamische Zeitung
Politically Incorrect News

Blogs in Scandinavian Languages

Amal Tamimi - Icelandic Muslim local politician
Anti Jihad Norge - (Norwegian)
Dagens Ateist (Norwegian)
Every Kinda People (Swedish)
FOMI - Swedish forum against Islamization (Swedish)
Gulay Kocbay (Danish)
Gudmunson - Swedish and International Current Affairs (Swedish)
Helen Latifi's small talk (Danish)
Hodjas Blog - (Danish, some English)
I mitt Sverige - (Swedish)
Jihad i Malmö - (Swedish)
Muslimska Friskolan (Swedish)
Salmann Tamimi - head of Icelandic Muslim Association (Icelandic)
Skúli Skúlason (Icelandic)
Uriasposten - (Danish)

Blogs in Spanish

Eurabia News
Islam España
La Yijad en Eurabia
Spanish Pundit

Blogs in Other Languages

Brüsszel Fátyol Alatt (Hungarian, about Muslims in Brussels)
Equal Society
Islam Info (Czech)
Islam Info (Polish)

Inactive blogs of interest

1212 Las Navas (Spanish)
Fjordman - Scandinavia
German Eurabia - Germany
Islamic Evil
Muslim Brothers Disclosed
Norwegian News - Norway
Viking Observer - Scandinavia
News about immigrants in the Netherlands

Updated: April 22, 2010

Muslims in Europe Resources

Research (GSRL Paris/CNRS France and Harvard University)
Institute of Muslim Minority Affairs
European Muslim Network
European Muslim Reasearch Centre, Exeter University
Forum for Islam Research - FIFO (Danish)
Ghent Center for Islam in Europe (Dutch/English)
Islam and Muslims in Belgium and Europe, The King Baudouin Foundation(Dutch)
Muslims at Home in Europe (Open Society Institute)
VEIL Project

Muslims in Denmark (Danish), DR

Muslim Organizations and Sites

AltMulim (English) (Norwegian)
IslamNorge (Norwegian)
Moroccans in Norway (Norwegian)
Moslima - site for Muslim women (Dutch) (Danish)
Icelandic Islamic Association (Icelandic)

Other Organizations and Sites

Human Rights Service (Norwegian)
About Islam portal (Dutch)
International Organization for Migration (English/French/Spanish) (Danish)
Faith Freedom International - organization of ex-Muslims

Updated: Jan. 31, 2010

Book Reviews

The Trouble with Islam Today: A Muslim's Call for Reform in Her Faith
by Irshad Manji (My Review, together with Blood Revenge)

“The trouble with Islam” is written in the form of an open letter, which is very easy reading. It throws ideas at you one after another, though sometimes they seem to contradict each other.

Manji’s main argument is that Arabic “foundamentalism” (ie, founding fundamentalism) is responsible for most evils in Islam today. That is, it is not Islam itself which is bad, but rather the Arabian tribal mentality which existed before Islam and had swept throughout the lands conquered by the Arabs.

The Koran is not one-dimensional. When looking at the relationship between men and women and between Muslims and non-Muslims there are verses in the Koran that point towards equality and verses that point towards male and Muslim domination.

Blood Revenge: Family Honor, Mediation and Outcasting
by Joseph Ginat (My Review, together with The Trouble with Islam)

"Blood Revenge", on the other hand, is a learned study. It studies several practices in Arabic society from an anthropological point of view, bringing many case studies. The author brings up several theories which he tries to prove throughout the book.

In his book, Ginat talks about four issues in Arab tribalism – blood revenge, mediation, outcasting and “honor” murder. Mediation and outcasting seem to be of less interest, especially as mediation is a common practice all over the world, and outcasting is basically only relevant when you deal with the issue of blood revenge.

According to Ginat, who brings Koran quotes to prove his point, blood revenge and “honor” murder are not supported by the Koran.

Ginat tries to explain why sometimes a woman is killed for loose sexual acts and sometimes not. His theory is there is one major requirement for ‘honor’ murder: somebody from the ‘injured’ group must come with a public complaint to the woman’s direct relatives. The ‘injured’ group in this case is the family of the woman, as it is their honor that is being tarnished. If the man who had sex with the woman outside marriage will not marry her, the only remaining “action” is to kill her.

Political Trends in the Arab World : The Role of Ideas and Ideals in Politics
by Majid Khadduri (My Review)

As its name implies, the book reviews various political trends or systems in the Arab world. Starting off with nationalism and going through democracy, Islam, socialism, communism, military takeovers and secularism. Each chapter is dedicated to examining one such political trend and its history in the past century. Though I found this helpful in understanding some points, it was also a weakness, as I felt quite confused by the historical timeline. Political ideas develop concurrently, and though Khadduri does refer to other political streams in each chapter, I felt it got lost among everything else.

The Dhimmi: Jews & Christians Under Islam
by Bat Ye'or (My Review)

The book is divided into two parts. The first part gives an analysis of the laws discrimminating the Dhimmi (ie, Jews and Christians) in the Muslim world, as well as the various safeguards, such as consular protection and then the emancipation forced by the European powers that helped them escape their downtrodden condition. Bat Ye'or then moves on to a discussion of how the Muslims view the Dhimmi today, how they use these terms and what has evolved/changed in the past century. So, for example, we see in the recent past the claims that the Muslims are the real Jews (ie, taking away the Dhimmi's very existence in history) and there are similar claims regarding Christianity.

The 2nd part, which is much more extensive (~250 pages), consists of documents from different time periods and different locations throughout the Arab world showing how the Dhimmi were treated. Bat Ye'or brings documents from Muslim jurists, Dhimmi observations of their own situation as well as documents from travellers who passed through Muslim lands and recorded their impressions.

Updated: July 8th, 2006

Research - Books and Studies

Books appear first in each category, followed by studies.

A red star signifies that I have read the books/articles.

Muslim Communities in Europe

(*) Muslims and the State in Britain, France, and Germany, Joel S. Fetzer (Amazon)
(*) Muslims in Western Europe, Jørgen S. Nielsen (Amazon)
(*) When Islam and Democracy Meet: Muslims in Europe and the United States, Jocelyne Cesari (Amazon)
(*) The Islamic Challenge: Politics and Religion in Western Europe, Jytte Klausen (
Amazon) (Review)
(*) Turken in Nederland en Duitsland - De arbeidmarktpositie vergeleken (Dutch), Sociaal en Cultureel Planbueau
(*) State Policies Towards Muslim Minorities: Sweden, Great Britain and Germany (EMZ)
(*) Muslims in Europe: The State of Research, Russel Sage Foundation
Unge muslimer og salafister i Frankrig (Young Muslims and Salafists in France) (Danish) (Danish Institute for International Studies)


(*) Londonistan, Melanie Phillips (Amazon)
(*) Al Qaeda in Europe: The New Battleground of International Jihad, Lorenzo Vidino (Amazon) (Review)
(*) Breeding Bin Ladens: America, Islam and the Future of Europe, Zachary Shore (Amazon) (Review)

Strijders van eigen bodem: radicale en democratische moslims in Nederland (Home-grown Warriors: Radical and Democratic Muslims in The Netherlands) (Dutch), Amsterdam University
(*) Strijdsters van Allah (Female Warriors of Allah), J. Groen & Kranenberg, A.
(*) Jihad in Denmark, An Overview and Analysis of Jihadi Activity in Denmark 1990-2006, Michael Taarnby Jensen (Danish Institute for International Studies) (Review)
(*) Profiling Islamic Suicide Terrorists, Michael Taarnby Jensen (Danish Justice Ministry)
(*) Recruitment of Islamist Terrorists in Europe - Trends and Perspectives, Michael Taarnby Jensen (Danish Justice Ministry)
(*) Radicalization in Europe - A Post 9/11 Perspective (Danish Institute for International Studies)

Forced Marriages/Honor Murders

(*) Blood Revenge: Family Honor, Mediation and Outcasting, Joseph Ginat (Amazon) (Review)
(*) Forced marriages in Council of Europe member states, Directorate General of Human Right
(*) Gevallen van eerwraak in Nederland and het beslissingsmodel van de strafrechter (Dutch), Hermine Wiersinga

(*) Honour Related Violence: European Resource Book and Good Practice


The Trouble with Islam Today: A Muslim's Call for Reform in Her Faith, Irshad Manji (Amazon) (Review)
(*) The Force of Reason, Oriana Fallaci (Amazon)


(*) Political Trends in the Arab World : The Role of Ideas and Ideals in Politics, Majid Khadduri (Amazon) (Review)
(*) The Dhimmi: Jews & Christians Under Islam, Bat Ye'or (Amazon) (Review)
(*) The Muslim Discovery of Europe, Bernard Lewis (Amazon) (Review)
(*) The Clash of Civilizations and the Remaking of World Order, Samuel P. Huntington (Amazon)

Amerikabrevet: Europa i fare (Norwegian), Halgrimm Berg
(*) Islamister og Naivister (Danish), Karen Jespersen & Ralf Pittelkow (Review)


Het Marokkanendrama (The Moroccan Drama) (Dutch), Fleur Jurgens


(*) Egyptian Youth and the European Eldorado: Journeys of Hope and Despair, Ayman Zohry (Danish Institute for International Studies)
(*) International Migration and Denmark, SOPEMI
(*) Aspecten van Marokkaanse huwelijksmigratie en Marokkaans familierecht (Dutch), Antwerp University
(*) Verliefd, Verloofd.. Geemigreerd (Dutch), Antwerp University
(*) Trouwen over de grens - achtergronden van partnerkeuze van Turken en Marokkanen in Nederland, (Dutch), Sociaal en Cultureel Planbueau


(*) Generous Betrayal: Politics of Culture in the New Europe, Unni Wikan (Amazon) (Review)
(*) While Europe Slept: How Radical Islam is Destroying the West from Within, Bruce Bawer (Amazon), (Review)
(*) Living Apart Together, Policy Exchange
(*) Multiculturalism in Denmark and Sweden, Ulf Hedetoft (Danish Institute for International Studies)
(*) Islam and Muslim in Belgium: Challenges and Opportunities of a multicultural society, King Baudouin Foundation

(*) Multiculturalisme ontleed (Dutch), Leuven University

Islamic law

Introduction to Islamic Theology and Law, Ignaz Goldziher (Amazon)
(*) Western Muslims and the Future of Islam, Tariq Ramadan (Amazon) (Review)
(*) Muslim Communities in Non-Muslim States (Review)

Attitude Surveys

(*) The Great Divide: How Westerners and Muslims View Each Other, Pew Research
(*) Attitudes to Living in Britain, GfK NOP Social Research


(*) Undercover in Klein-Marokko (Undercover in Little Morocco) (Dutch), Hind Fraihi (Review)
(*) The Arab Mind, Raphael Patai (

(*) Muslims in the European Union: Discrimination and Islamophobia, EUMC
(*) The Danish Ugly Duckling and the Mohammed Cartoons, Ulla Holm (Danish Institute for International Studies)
(*) Moslims Lachen veel, maar niet over alles (Dutch), Maurits Berger (Netherlands Institute of International Relations) (Review)

Updated: April 9th, 2008

Misc Links

Muslims in Europe - Project of GroenLinks in the European Parliament (Dutch)

Immigrant story site
Muslims in Europe links

Forum 18, Oslo, Norway - Forum advocating freedom of religion.
Judeoscope - an independent bilingual information portal whose goal it is to cast light on anti-Semitism, anti-Zionism, xenophobia and militant Islam in Canada and the world

Dutch Government Portal

Muslims in Almere (Dutch)

Updated January 26th, 2007


Oriana Fallaci (deceased) - Italian journalist, author of books about the dangers of Islam in Europe. Is being sued for spreading hatred against Islam.
Wikipedia , Future Europe Association (organizing public support for Fallaci).

Ayaan Hirsi Ali - A former Muslim and Somalian refugee who came to the Netherlands. Served as parliament member. Very vocal against Muslim wrongs. Wrote the film "submission" against Muslim treatment of women and was targeted by Muslim extremist groups.
Wikipedia, Hirsi Ali blog (Dutch, English), Hirsi Ali site (Dutch)

Irshad Manji - Muslim Ugandan refugee who grew up in Canada and calls for reformation of Islam. Author of the book "The Trouble with Islam Today".
Wikipedia, Muslim Refusenik (Official Site)

Bassam Tibi - Political scientist born in Syria and living in Germany. Is a moderate Muslim. Published books on Islamic civilization and the Middle East.
Wikipedia, Official site (German, English)

Geert Wilders - Anti-Muslim Dutch politician.
Wikipedia, Official site (Dutch)

Tarik Ramadan - Controversial Swiss Muslim scholar.
Wikipedia, Official site

Abdul Wahid Pedersen - Radical Danish imam, convert to Islam

Updated: August 21, 2008


Forums in English

Expatica - Discussions about immigrant life in Belgium, France, Germany, the Netherlands and Spain
Council of Ex-Muslims

Forums in Dutch

Mocros - a bit of Morocco in the Netherlands and Belgium
Maroc Dream - unity together

Forums in Scandinavian - (Norwegian)
FOMI - Swedish forum against Islamization (Swedish)

Forums in Other Languages

Islam in Germany (German)
Islamuslim (French)

Updated: August 9, 2009


Various news sites have special sites about Muslims in Europe:
De Spiegel
BBC - Muslims in Europe
BBC - Islam and the West
Islam Online
Islam on the BBC Religion & Ethics site

Muslim Press

Islam Today
Muslima Today

English Language Press

BBC news on Islam

Deutsche Welle (Germany)
Spiegel (Germany)
The Local (Germany)

Jyllands Posten (Denmark)
The Copenhagen Post (Denmark)
Stavanger Aftenbladet (Norway)
The Local (Sweden)

Newsroom Finland (Finland)
Helsingin Sanomat (Finland)

Iceland Review (Iceland)

Kathimerini (Greece)

European Jewish Press - includes articles of interest on Muslim/Jewish relations in Europe
The Muslim News - News and Views of Muslims in the United Kingdom
Expatica - News in English from Belgium, France, Germany, The Netherlands and Spain

Dutch Language Press - Belgium

De Morgen
De Standaard
Het Laatste Nieuws

Dutch Language Press - The Netherlands
Het Parool
NRC Handelsblad

Norwegian Language Press

(articles on Islam)

Updated: April 28, 2009

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