Oriana Fallaci (deceased) - Italian journalist, author of books about the dangers of Islam in Europe. Is being sued for spreading hatred against Islam.
Wikipedia , Future Europe Association (organizing public support for Fallaci).

Ayaan Hirsi Ali - A former Muslim and Somalian refugee who came to the Netherlands. Served as parliament member. Very vocal against Muslim wrongs. Wrote the film "submission" against Muslim treatment of women and was targeted by Muslim extremist groups.
Wikipedia, Hirsi Ali blog (Dutch, English), Hirsi Ali site (Dutch)

Irshad Manji - Muslim Ugandan refugee who grew up in Canada and calls for reformation of Islam. Author of the book "The Trouble with Islam Today".
Wikipedia, Muslim Refusenik (Official Site)

Bassam Tibi - Political scientist born in Syria and living in Germany. Is a moderate Muslim. Published books on Islamic civilization and the Middle East.
Wikipedia, Official site (German, English)

Geert Wilders - Anti-Muslim Dutch politician.
Wikipedia, Official site (Dutch)

Tarik Ramadan - Controversial Swiss Muslim scholar.
Wikipedia, Official site

Abdul Wahid Pedersen - Radical Danish imam, convert to Islam

Updated: August 21, 2008


Anonymous said...

Don't forget my main men Robert Spencer, Ibn Warraq, Abul Kasem, Ali Sina, and Andrew Bostom, or my girl Nonie Darwish, all amazing authors on the subject of Islam. All but Robert Spencer come from Islamic societies, so their perspectives are fascinating, and Robert Spencer is simply incredibly knowledgeable and prolific regarding Islam and current events. Check out,, Frontpage magazine,, and, and, specifically the articles and oped sections for articles from all these folks. Oh, and Hugh Fitzgerald is pretty awesome too.

Unknown said...

Don't forget