Muslim population in European cities

I was recently asked which cities in Europe have the highest Muslim percentage. The following is what I found in my research.

I linked to my sources, but note that not all sources have the same reliability level. STAT - official municipal or national statistics, EUMAP - EU Research program, WIKI - Wikipedia, NEWS - mentioned in the news.

If my readers have more information, I will be glad to integrate it into this list.

Note that in some of these cities, there are neighborhoods which have a much higher percentage of Muslims (for example: Kreuzberg in Berlin, Molenbeek in Brussels and Tower Hamlets in London) and neighborhoods with a much lower percentage.


Vienna - 8% (120,000) (NEWS)


Antwerp- 6.7% (>30,000 of >450,000) (EUMAP)
Brussels (region) - 17%-20% (160,000-220,000) [some say 33% (City of Brussels?)] (NEWS, NEWS)


Aarhus - ~10% (NEWS)
Copenhagen - 12.6% (63,000 of 500,000) ( EUMAP)


Ile de France - 10%-15% (up to 1.7 milliion) (NEWS)
Marseilles - 25% (200,000 of 800,000) (NEWS), PACA region - 20% (0.7-1.0 million of 1.5 million) (EUMAP)
Paris - 7.38% (155,000 of 2.1 million) (EUMAP)
Strasbourg - 10% (NEWS)


Berlin - 5.9% (~200,000 of 3.40 million) (EUMAP)
Cologne - 12% (120,000 of 1 million) (WIKI)
Hamburg - 6.4% (~110,000 of 1.73 million) (EUMAP)

The Netherlands

Amsterdam - 24% (180,000 of 750,000) (STAT), Greater Amsterdam - 12.7% (STAT)
The Hague - 14.2% ( 67,896 of 475,580) (STAT), Greater Hague - 11% (STAT)
Rotterdam - 13% (80,000 of 600,000) (EUMAP), Greater Rotterdam - 9.9% (STAT)
Utrecht - 13.2% (38,300 of 289,000) (STAT), Greater Utrecht - 7% (STAT)
Zaan district - 8.8% (STAT)


Moscow - 16%-20% (2 million of 10-12 million) (NEWS)


Malmö - ~25% (NEWS) [percent of immigrants, foreign born or both parents foreign born: 36% (STAT)]
Stockholm - 20% (>155,000 of 771,038) (EUMAP) [percent of immigrants: 36% (STAT)]

United Kingdom

Birmingham - 14.3% (139,771) (WIKI)
Bradford - 16% (75,000) (NEWS)
Leicester - 11% (>30,000 of 280,000) (EUMAP)
Greater London - 8.5%-17% (1.3 million of 7.5 million) (NEWS, WIKI)
Luton - 14.6% (26,963) (WIKI)

Thanks to Nieuw Religieus Peil for helping collect the data.

Updated: September 7, 2010


Dag said...

Esther, my fellow blogger at Covenant zone, Truepeers, directed me here to have me look at your work on the populations of Muslims in Europe. I must thank you very much for this effort. I will likely post on it at my own blog, No Dhimmitude.

All credit to you.

Best regards, Dag.

RonL said...

Seems higher in Malmo. Among the youth, it looks closer to 40%. Certainly, ethnic Swedes are becoming a minority in the under 20 demographic.

Not that I am an ethnic Swede, but what happened?

Anonymous said...

A Paris with 1.3 (one!) million inhabitants. That can't be Paris, France?

Esther said...

Hi Anonymous,

Thanks, this is a typo. It should be 2.1 not 1.2. I'll update later.

TT said...

I don't think it's that low in Marseille... You hardly see any non-Arabs/Muslims there... It's not very safe for a city known for it's high population of Jews... Jews who, when we walk the streets, must hide anything that displays our Jewishness... Like rapid animals they attack... and the government will not protect you... They started hiring more muslim officers for the PC police - sort of like putting the Nazis back in charge of Germany... They protect their own...

Anonymous said...

2.1 million is just the city of paris , that figure does not take into account the vast suburbs surrounding the actual 'city'. presumably the parisian suburbs have a higher muslim population as they're typically portrayed as ethnic ghettos....i think the population for the urban area is about 9 or 10 million...

Dag said...

A couple of million Muslims in Pris is roughly, then, 20 percent of the population, and there is the suburban area to factor in, which is beginning to look like the commonly quoted 40% Muslim population one runs into in reading about Malmo, Sweden.

I'm reading concurrently Bruce Bawer, While Europe Slept, and for comic relief and an emotional break, Mark Steyn, America Alone. Many people suggest these are depressing books, that they show the end of our civilization, that they are defeatist. Charles Henry mentioned last evening that books such as these might be the books that turn things around. I know that since I began reading them I've come to the realization that I want to have 15-20 children, having been practicing for this achievement all through my adult life with various women to the point I think I'm not bad at it, even though no kiddies to date.

Hello, ladies, I'm Dag.

Moving right along, we can look at the decline and fall of Europe and the coasts of America as a boon to our more aggressive members, e.g. me. With the European natives out of the way I feel very happy to go there to take Bordeaux as my retirement villa and jardin. Fighting for it, getting down in the French mud to grab the land and take it for myself, that is the stuff of living. Wrestling France from "yoots" to make the land my own, to give it to my 15 babies, that's the life of a real guy. I like it, and so will others who follow in my footsteps.

I'm vaguely related to the early 19th century adventurer, William Walker, and adventure is in my blood and in the blood of most men, some of whom are like me, sons of Walker. "Yoots"? Gonna walk on 'em. It's the life of men to live the life of a man. Muslims get it, and European sissies don't. Muslims are mostly, man to man, cowards. Beating them is still hard work, and it still takes men to do it. I can't fight off four million yoots in Paris, but four? I can do that. Still, it'll take an army, and the army will come when men realize it's good for them to take. It's what men do best. So I'm not discouraged that Muslims are taking over Europe. It's a good opportunity to take from them. Sooner the better.

Celebrate, friends, the end of Europe and a new beginning.

Anonymous said...

Europe is finished.

Anonymous said...

I recently moved out of Malmo mainly due to the criminality generated by muslim youth (actually this has been proven the most frequent reason for moving out of Malmo in recent polls). Two of my relatives who are school teachers in Malmo claim that the 40% estimate of foreign/muslim youth is too conservative.
Malmo of today is an increasingly fast sinking ship.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Wait a second, Malmo 40% Muslim!?
Sh*t! We better bomb the bridge to Copenhagen!

Really the solution is very simple. Openly acknowledge that Islam is incompatible with Western Civilization, declare Islam unwelcome in Europe, and give the Muslim people a choice, renounce Islam, or move to an Islamic country.
Renunciation should be public.The ex-Muslims should be give competent and compassionate assistance (just like reformed criminals, they have recovered from a severe mental illness and sociopathy)to integrate to their host country and become good productive citizens.
Anyone reverting to Islam, should be considered incurable and instantly expelled.
Sounds radical? That's good. "Radical" means going to the roots of the problem. We do need a radical solution.

Trying to compete with Muslim propagation is not doable: High propagation rates are consistent with low levels of culture, and low level of education for women. And in any case, Earth doesn't need more people. It is much better expel the Muslims, or sterilize those who want to stay in the West.
Very humanitarian Muslims have already 55 countries, no need to contaminate the West.
Oh, one more, point, and very important one. Stop using oil. As long as we buy oil from Muslims, Trillions of dollars (or Euros) are given to our enemies. They are used to promote Muslim radicals and to buy weapons which are going to be used against us. Without the oil money, Islam will fade into the insignificance.

Anonymous said...

Ray Bright
You made a serious comment by saying we do not want any more people in the world.I prefer to oppose it.It is never upto any human to decide, what should be the population on Earth.It is upto Almighty.Pray to Him to be previleged to be led in right path.

Anonymous said...

This is the stupidest, alarmist list. Malmo is not 40% Muslim and Stockholm is not 20% Muslim. How could it, when that is the total population of immigrants and children born in Sweden of immigrant parents?

And even the "Muslims" are most often not religious for shit, which is how much that identity means to them. Does it make sense to lump Muslim Bosnians and Albanians with Muslim Arabs and Somalis? How about Atheist Kurds and Iranians? If you are hard up on the answer, I might as well tell you, that fuck no it does not, and believing so betrays only ignorance, willful or not.

At least it makes no sense outside of some Huntington-fueled opium fantasy. Don't come to Malmo, for we will eat you alive. Here be dragons, motherfuckers.

Esther said...

Hi Abdul Jahali,

Where in the list does it say that there's 40% Muslims in Malmo? If you want me to take your comments seriously, at least refer to the numbers I bring.

A few points for you to consider:
1. Yes, there are different types of Muslims, just as there are different types of Jews, or Americans, or tulips. If you want to discuss any of those issues, you'll have to generalize. For example, how can there be dog shows when there are so many different types of dogs? And every dog is different?

2. Muslims (and most immigrants) tend to concentrate in the big cities, and in specific neighborhoods in these big cities. Amsterdam-West might have a majority of Muslims, Amsterdam has 24%, while greater Amsterdam has only half that. These are municipality statistics, not fantasy.

3. These statistics have different reliability levels - but only in terms of percentage of Muslims among the general immigrant population. At the most, this is the number of immigrants.

According to Malmo municipality statistics (here), 36% of the population in Malmo were born abroad or have both parents born abroad. According to the Stockholm statistics (here), there's 27% foreigners according to the previous definition, and 36% if you include those who have just one parent born abroad (for 2006).

So 25% Muslims in Malmo and 20% Muslims in Stockholm, is considerably less than the sum total of immigrants in those cities.

The percent of Muslims in all of Sweden, will of course be much lower. However, as happens when you generalize too much - it also doesn't give you a real picture of what happens in European cities.

Anonymous said...

To all the other commenters - What a bunch of racist xenophobic paranoid so called european worthless shits you are. First of all I bet most of you are american or jewish by far which explains the shit - stirring going on against the European muslims - you sly bastards will do anything for Israel. As with respect to dhimmitude - Id rather be a dhimmi (a protected person - Muslim name for foreigner within caliphate - middle ages), than an illegal alien (American name for foreigner), Ethnic minority (British name for foreigner), Goyim (Jewish name for foreigner), or any other foreigner out here. Dhimmis received the greatest protection from the state and were exempt of fighting in the forces, and could live and practice their religion freely, which is far more than I can say for tosdays INTOLERANT EUROPE and its ghastly anti-muslim laws created by these atheistic worthless piece of shits that call themselves politicians.

Anonymous said...

I am neither american or jewish and I doubt most of the other posters are either but it suits your bigotted mind to put everyone in a racist little box so you do not have to look at your own racism.
You should look up dhimmitude. You have swallowed muslim propaganda hook line and sinker.
For a start dhimmitide only applied to people of the book. That meant Jews, Christians & for some reason Zoroastrians. All others were pagans and had no rights at all. 80million hindus were massared during the islamic invasion simply because they were pagans.
And a dhimmi was far from protected. They could be killed if they did not get off the pavement when a muslim was on it, had to pay a special tax, could not testify in court against a muslim
could not build churches or synagogues. The Janissaries made up of christians kidnapped and brought up to kill christians. The first person to introduce distinctive clothing for jews was not Hitler but the Caliph of Baghdad. Except both christians & jews had to wear it.
Life under Islamic rule was little different from blacks in apartheid south africa. And the south african whites always boasted of how fairly the blacks were treated just as the women floggers boast of
how well they treat non-muslims.
Its all Islamic porpaganda.

Dag said...

I wish I could get hate mail like that. When normal people can see the mind of these Leftist monsters up close and personal they can see hatred and evil and stupidity and aggressive ignorance that they might not want to associate themselves with if only they did know. Who would call that thug a friend? Who would wish his children to be like the commentator above? It's great to see such exposure here, and I wish I had more of it to show off as well to my readers.

Anonymous said...

Well, I'm not American or Israeli, I'm just one of the majority of Britons who're sick to the back tits of Islam and its intolerant, racist, violent and occasionally explosive adherents.

Dag said...

John, I don't mean to hijack Esther's post here by going off on my own tangents, but would you let me know here how you do feel about the political parties in Britain? Islam is in Europe in a big and growing way, and I wonder what the average person feels and thinks, how he or she will vote, for example, in England. Are people so desperate for a stop to Islamic temper tantrums that they'll finally rid themselves, through the ballot box, of a generation of hippie politicians for others, perhaps worse but certainly different? Are we really watching the rise of the BNP? Is that the future of Europe? Is that the result of Islam in Europe?

Anonymous said...

Britain no longer has a right-of-centre (or even just centrist) mainstream political party. The Conservatives are meant to be it, like they have been historically with the likes of Benjamin Disraeli, Winston Churchill and Margaret Thatcher, but they've taken a big dose of Political Correctness Disorder, and've sort of morphed into something that would put them around about in the middle of political opinion within the Democratic Party in the US.
Case in point: on BBC's Question Time the other day they had, on the studio panel, representatives from all three politcal parties and a Trade Union leader (just for good measure), and basically it was just a big America Hate Fest (it just so happened to be on the day it came to light that CIA rendition flights had been stopping in Britain on the way to 'z0mg teh Guantanamo!!!1LOL'). The Conservative fellow - who, remember is meant to represent the right part of the spectrum of political thinking - was harping on about Guantanamo being illegal under International Law and that the poor, misunderstood, peaceful, innocent, peaceful flower arrangers and bunny rabbit groomers who the big, evil American bullies had sent there for no reason other than their own sick amusement should be tried under - get this - the rights afforded to them by the US Constitution and then Gitmo be closed.
The rest of the opinion went from that point further to the left, ending with the Trade Union boss basically saying that we should ditch the America-Britain 'special relationship'.
So yeah, unfortunately (for reasons I probably don't really need to point out), the BNP and its analogues in Europe; Vlaams Belang, Sweden Democrats, basically represent your only political representation if you happen to find yourself out outside of the cognitive dissonant, politically correct, morally relativistic, Islamic terrorist-sympathising, America-and-the-Jews-are-the-cause-of-all-the-world's-problems/modern Liberal.
I was, however, surprised and encouraged by the massive outcry against the intelelctually retarded comments by the so-called Head of the Anglican Church about Shar'ia, but, all in all - and being the eternal pessimist/rationalist that I am - I think we're...fucked.

Dag said...

John, thanks for the reply. And I thank Esther too for hosting my questions here.

I'm currently residing in Canada, leaving me outside the mainstreams of both America and Europe, reliant on the best word from others to enlighten me about the main sites of the world. In a sense I'm fortunate to be an American in between, one familiar with Europe and still American, if removed.

Here, in North America, we too are mired in past narratives, in the politically correct metastacies of the 60s, in what I have written of as "Velvet Fascism" and what Jonah Goldberg writes of as "Liberal Fascism." We find here a long history of social engineering combined with Protestant social gospel, i.e. utopian socialist Christianity, that made itself formidable in the so-called New Left of the 60s, and in the so-called hippie movement. The difference in America is that we have a long and strong tradition of genuine private property rights, missing for the most part to this degree in Europe and Britain. Nor do we in America have the socialist union movement of Britain and Europe. We have numerous and strong similarities but many differences that we can't ignore. Unfortunately we are both stuck at this time with the lingering effects of the hippie generation, now, as someone recently put it, "for the first time in history, government as fifth column." Our hippies as government bring about some serious problems in America and in Europe that we must address to make our own hopes worthwhile: We have had slavery and civil rights issues; women's issues; and economic issues to settle justly. That they have been, to the greatest extent in history is not seemingly good enough for the utopians on the Left. whatever Human flaws our histories have, they are exaggerated beyond reason to destroy our good. Which brings me to the BNP, Vlams Belang, and so on, from a middle-class American view, a problematic view for the future of Europe,in my opinion.

A broad generalization of Americans is that we are competitive. Among Left utopians there is something like penis envy in looking at Nazi Germany, they being so utterly evil that there is no real way for Americans to compete.Thus the hyperbole, "Bushitler" and so on among fools. And the Nazis are also the genuine benchmark against which we all measure ourselves and others legitimately. We take on our own history as if we could have been really and genuinely bad and that we might have been if anyone had discovered the conspiracy still hidden. Some trot out dead Indians, others Hiroshima, some the years of Negro slavery, and so on. And yet, for all the idiot posing that goes on there is still a real revulsion toward the Holocaust. We do, sincerely, know and fear the event and its reenactment, knowing that we too could do the same. So, as Americans shower themselves in public displays of self-righteous moralisms, in "anti-war" demos and so on, we do, for the most part, realize we are not the Nazis. They were, and they did; but we weren't and we didn't. Posing aside, we know that Ogre America is a fantasy boogey man for children. Unfortunately again, we have a government of children, of "Flower Children." Thus, the middle class is attacked with Leftist post-Christian religious moral terrorism by hippies in government-- and also by the living knowledge that evil has no bounds. Thus, along side the clownish posturing of Left sanctimony we have a fear that real evil is possible. The phony and the horror reside in the mind together. Which brings me to the BNP, et al.

We fear, in America, that in spite of our bullshit, that we aren't bad, weren't bad, and never will be bad; certainly we will never do what the Germans did. We fear that they might again unleash a world-terror. W know from our own experiences, e.g. from our civil rights experiences over the decades, that there were problems in our society. we see them re-arising in Europe, and we see a reversion to the past, as America understands it, in Jim Crow laws, in lynching, in slavery and murder. We know our own sins, and we recoil from them; we also know the worse evils of the past in Europe, and we won't allow ourselves to be a part of that should it recur. but there is a cloud over the understanding of the situation in Europe, as Americans see it generally. The Muslim jihad is continuous and universal; but it is seem in America as a civil rights action, one many of our hippie leaders are sympathetic to, having risen to power in the wave of our struggles here. Our hippies in government do not see jihad as a bad thing but as a civil rights movement among immigrants and colored people. So, our middle class person at large is not sympathetic to the BNP. No matter what. No matter that Europe might fall into dhimmitude and death. All non-Europeans are seen as analogous to Holocaust victims, we playing the stand-in role of Nazi who are not Nazis because we are morally superior to them, to our parents, to all people on Earth in history. So, if Europe must die, then it is a good thing that it goes in partial payment for past sins. It is a plank of the Left that there is no good in anything in the BNP or nationalists/ nativists/ chauvanists of any kind. Better to die than make any constructive effort on the part of what could be the return of the Nazis. (Of course, better that you die than the return of the Nazis.)

The Gnostic elites, the Death Hippies, the post-Christian socialist utopians and social engineering "experts" who tend us all in a rapid return to feudalism are alike across the political spectrum, outside the "populists." To support the efforts of, for example, Vlams Belang, here in North America is to make oneself anathema, as many of us have found out recently. Unable to distinguish between right and wrong in a moralistic relativism imbued in our culture and pounded home on a continuous basis by our intelligentsia, many "ordinary" folk can't see a difference between V.B. and the Nazis.

But here I am in Canada, isolated from the mainstreams of history and culture. I don't know if the depths of disgust in Europe against the hippies and the government of fifth columnists is at a point whereat the people generally just don't care what the elites think anymore.

I reached that point 25 years ago-- and haven't had a real job since. Are European middle classes ready to abandon their usual passivity in the face of the upper classes' preferences? Is it possible that the man on the street is finally about to have it done and finished and simply hang the bastards? Not yet, I would expect, but is it possible that the middle classes are sick and tired of being told they are crypto-Nazis who must be mangaed to death for the good of the world as according to the Death Hippies? Will the BNP actually find a majority of people who just don't car what others think anymore? Is White guilt about to become so disgusting that people will throw it out and demand some responsible government and sane social relations?

I fear that if that's the case Europeans won't find many Americans on their side as yet. Some of us don't buy into the Hippie fantasy of "We are all guilty." Some of us don't think that all Europeans are Nazis in waiting. Some of us, and still too few, realize there is a problem that must be dealt with by Europeans in their legitimate self-defense. But many if not most still cling to the nostalgia of the Civil Rights marches and fear the Nazi shadow. There is a real inability to distinguish between ordinary and decent Europeans with legitimate native rights and genocidal racist Nazis. In short, I fear that Europeans cannot as yet depend on any real support from Americans in the struggle to free themselves of Death Hippie Fifth Columnists. Will Europeans fling off self-indulgent America-hatred and address the realities of life in Europe rather than continue to fantasize about the evils of imaginary others? Many Americans prefer to be hated by America-hating Europeans than to be loved by Europeans who don't support the game of competitive evil, Europeans who are as normal as they must be if they are to survive in a real and dangerous world. If Europeans don't hate Americans for being evil, American Leftists might well turn on Europeans. Europeans might hate themselves for being what they have always feared they are: xenophobic and provincial. Rather than Flower Power fantasies, are Europeans ready to face the potato realities of living today? It might well mean voting for the BNP for a lot of years. It might mean civil war. It will certainly mean a social revolution. Is Europe ready for it. Is it even close? Is there time? And can Europeans face the world's hostility, hatreds, and violence in saving themselves without caving in to self-hatred and self-defeat?

I'm far away, but from any place I go I still don't see any viable alternative to the BNP in Britain at this point. Will any others step in to save the situation or is it so far gone now that there is not going to be an alternative?

Thanks again for the input above, John. Wishing you and all the best.

Anonymous said...

@ Anonymous

Are you sure your information about Dhimmitude is factual, or are you just spreading hate because spreading Islamophobia is cool these days. Do you have any proper historian saying all that rubbish is true. Have you ever seen any authentic book on rights of non-muslim minority in Islam. Where is source for 80 million hindus being killed...were you counting the skulls back then..or did you just found it cool to copy all that hate mongering.

For Islamic perspective , you can read these links.


Anonymous said...

It is good that the people of the world are underatanding the real religion(islam).So, we can hope it that within short time we will get a peaceful world.we should pray to ALLAH that HE will make us good muslim who will follow the Islam perfectly.

Anonymous said...

You European say that European people have multi-cultural and democratic views. You also state that you promote freedom of religion. But when you realise that Muslims will be the major inhabitants in your continent, you will expel them.

I suggest you to read more Islamic books in order that you understand Muslim society.

Dag said...

I was in Jugoslavia during the war. I suggest you find the letter writer directly above and deport him and all those even vaguely like him before all of Europe is sour and in flames. better to d it sooner than later. You won't like the result of waiting too long. Neither will Muslims. They will never understand the nature of things Europeans so long as they remain Muslim, an in remaining Muslim they will remain and will grow as a threat. Someone had better figure it out quickly and act or the continent is in real danger of a war far worse than any we've seen in a century or less.

sameera said...

if u hate muslims bt still dont wanna know about islam and read the actual book quran, try satanic bible this is more suited for u.why are we forgetting here that the whole arab countries are not migrating to europe bt the europeans are accepting islam.and what do u want instead of islam anyway?whorehouses, homosexuals, drugs, athesism ,crimes, materialism i think u have other more imp things to deal with.MUSLIMS are peaceful and all are not fanatic arabs u can be a european and have ur culture and still be a muslim.and a good muslims respects others and gives them their rigths if some ruler didnt we dont call him omar.get ur facts right.

Anonymous said...

I hope the rest people embrace islam to build better Europe

Anonymous said...


Need we say more?

Anonymous said...

"16 Muslims reportedly rape Christian girl
Pakistani pre-teen refused to renounce faith during assault"

Citizen Warrior said...

We need to stop Muslim immigration into the free world. Please sign this petition:

Stop Muslim Immigration

And please persuade all your friends to sign it.

haseebtariq said...

No one can stop muslim immigration,
And at last Islam is ever lasting,

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Muhammad Arif Mushtaq said...

Its a good platform 4 all the muslims in europe. What Muslims had done in the research fields in the past is not an ignorable. Ignoring the Muslims efforts means ignoring the history of Europe.
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Oz said...

Outlaw Islam.
It is a fascist, racist, misogynist, antisemitic Arab colonialism ideology.

Besides Muhammad was a pedophile screwing a 9 years old prepubescent girl without breast.

Now Muslims are following his example and raping minors all over what once used to be "Europe".

enu007 said...

How funny comments from stupid people.and that shows me how crazy are they.i m also a Muslim,but i don't care about weather the percentage of Christian has rising or us at first they a human being and after that the matter of religion is not a guilt to be a Muslim.and my advise to those SICK people...try to respect other people....and other believes.

taghut said...

Most of you commenting on this site are clearly American and have no idea what you are talking about as usual.
Europe is in termoil and the last thing it needs is American comment sort yourselves out first!!!!

Dag said...

Taghut, I'm the one confused now.

What exactly are you complaining about? You're not a Muslim, so what is your point?

“If a person who is worshipped besides Allah (swt) does not reject such a status he becomes Tāghūt. And the Prophet (saw) called the idols Tawagheet in a Saheeh hadith when he (saw) said, ‘The one who follows the worshippers of Tawagheet are themselves Tawagheet.’ The one who is obeyed in transgressing Allah’s (swt) order, or the one who is obeyed in a matter which is not based upon the guidance but acceptable to the people, if it contravenes the order of Allah (swt) then he is a Tāghūt. For this reason those people who arbitrate to other than the Qur’an are called Tāghūt. And Allah (swt) called Firaoun and the people of Ā’d Tughāt.” [Ibn Taymiyah, Fatwa Vol 28 Pg 200.]

Unknown said...

We need people in europe to be more OPEN MINDED about everything,,, especially respecting differences either in religion,color, race,disability and everything else...
it is not the matter of muslims or jews or others. it is all about being a human being respecting and tolerating others who are different from you at any level...

Anonymous said...

if you are concerned with Islam and the Islamization of your country, this video has a message for you.

What islam is not