Ede: Moroccan community to organize peace march

The Moroccans of Ede want to organize a national peace march in order to clearly signal that the continuing tensions between ethnic Dutch and immigrants must end. Saturday the windows of the new mosque Al Mouahidin were smashed. According to Abderrahin Gssime of Interhulp Migranten Ede this is a direct result of the news report about a group of Moroccan youth who misbehaved on Veolia buses.

Interhulp had already received hundreds of racists reactions, which can be read on their site. "We want to call a halt to what is going on at this moment. You're ashamed to say that you live in the Netherlands." Gssime wants to organized a march "from Leeuwarden to Maastricht." "We will approach everyone. Mosques, churches, synagogues, homo-interest organizations, leftist political parties and so forth."

On Sunday about 130 Ede residents of Moroccan origin gathered in the old mosque in Veldhuizen. A day earlier the windows of the Islamic Cultural Center (ICC) Al Mouahidin were smashed. Gssime: "It's really a shame. There's about two thousand euro damage."

With the peace march the Ede Moroccans want to achieve a return of the calm. "The toleration level must go up. You must be able to speak with people about their behavior. You must speak to parents about their responsibility."

Gssime refers to the behavior of some youth in Veldhuizen on the evening of September 11, 2001. "From Ede - where there are problems - we want to give a signal. We want to make our own contribution to a more beautiful Netherlands."

Source: Ede Stad (Dutch)

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(The Al Mouahidin apparently featured in the past in an article about traveling radical preachers)

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These great people need full support and should be seen as deserving receivers of their god's and prophet's pride and gratitude for their maturity and courage.