Belgium: Need for more terrorism detectives

The federal public prosecutor, Johan Delmulle, has made an urgent call for more detectives to investigate terrorism leads and allegations.

Of the 103 investigators that were promised, only about 30 have actually been hired.

The shortage of personnel and means is discouraging for the people working in the field, warns Johan Delmulle, the highest ranking public prosecutor in Belgium.

The investigators have to prioritise because of the shortage of personnel and means. However, investigation into terrorist networks and allegations is an area "we should make no concessions on," says the federal public prosecutor.

"We cannot afford to not investigate certain leads and information." More importantly, according to Mr. Delmulle, key information on terrorist groups is sometimes simply not investigated.

Terrorists are using increasingly more sophisticated technology, which makes it more difficult to track them down, according to Mr. Delmulle. The anti-terrorism experts therefore also need more technical support.

Terrorist networks are making more use of internet for example. To combat terrorism the same methods and weapons must be used by the federal police, says the federal public prosecutor.

Source: Expatica (English)

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