Charleroi: Pakistani honor murder

About 1,700 students at the Haute école de l'Université du Travail in Charleroi convened Wednesday in front of the school building and then marched through the streets of Charleroi in memory of Sadia. The Pakistani girl was shot dead by her brother last month.

Sadia Sheikh was at odds with her family, who wanted to send her to Pakistan for an arranged marriage. The family thought that the young woman acted too western, so that in the end she was forced to break off with her parents. In the end she agreed to meet with her family again. The result was that together with her younger sister she was shot by her brother, Moussadar (24). Sadia (20) died Wednesday of her injuries, her 18 year old sister was seriously injured.

Source: Knack (Dutch), Haute école de l'Université du Travail (picture)

Other sites (French): School memorial site, Sadia memorial site

Also this week:

An Italian court has sentenced the father and two brothers-in-law of a young Pakistani immigrant woman to 30 years in prison each for her murder.

Hina Saleem was killed last year because her family disapproved of her lifestyle, prosecutors said.

The 21-year-old woman had been living with an Italian boyfriend and had reportedly refused to marry a man chosen by her family to be her husband.

A prosecutor had described her killing as the result of a clash of cultures.

Source: BBC (English)

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