Germany: German Muslim slams Protestant Church

Secretary General of German Central Council of Muslims Aiman Mazyek has denounced the Protestant Church's anti-Muslim sentiments.

Bishop Wolfgang Huber of the German Protestant Church caused a wave of protest when he openly questioned the motives behind the planned construction of mosques across Germany, linking the issue to what he claimed was Muslims' "claim to power".

Pointing to Huber's remarks, Mayzek told a German magazine on Wednesday that such attitudes would only damage the Protestant Church itself by undermining its position on fundamental issues.

Mayzek also stressed that Muslims have the right to build new mosques in Germany, which could not be taken away on the pretext of an increase in "display of Muslim power".

Muslims in Germany were forced for decades to pray in old warehouses or decrepit buildings because they were often denied new municipal construction permits.

Islam has become one of the fastest growing religions in Germany, as some 4,000 Germans converted to Islam between July 2004 and June 2005 which is four times as many as in the prior space of time.

Faced with daily verbal abuse and racial discrimination, Germany's Muslim community is also grappling with educational problems for their children and a chronic lack of job opportunity.

Source: Press TV (English)


personalrep1 said...
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Anonymous said...

"Faced with daily verbal abuse and racial discrimination.."


JohnLobenstein said...

The term Islamo-Fascism may in fact be a misnomer. As my knowledge of Islam has expanded is seems that Islam may in fact be the ultimate definition of fascism.

I find it fascinating that as Muhammad was developing HIS theocracy he was constantly abrogating and changing the laws he himself violated or caused his followers to violate.

Anonymous said...

It is funny how little green ones seem so desperate to own every venue of information, as if they are some brave rogues suffering a conspiracy, or that if they do not offer their own hasty account the precious "Kultur" will slip out of their hands and shari'a will be upon them.

I fiercely resist any kind of Islam that values force over freedom, but the pathetic smarms, nags and acerbic quips offered by the lizards make the cause agains Islamic supremacism seem lost in light of its childish pride and impotence.