Sarkozy: 'too many Muslims in Europe'

The meeting between Sarkozy and Reinfeldt took place Oct 3rd. From what I can see Libération reported about it on Nov 14th, and Aftenbladet on Nov 20th.


In a meeting with Fredrik Reinfeldt in Paris (Oct 3rd), Nicolas Sarkozy shocked his surrounding with a long anti-Muslim dialog. The French president said that there are too many Muslims in Europe.

To Aftonbladet Sweden's prime minister said that he had defended Sweden's liberal position on refugees and immigration. From that its clear that Sweden and France have completely different positions on Turkey's place in Europe.

The French president doesn't want to hear about Turkish entry into the EU. Sarkozy has also made that clear when he met Ireland's prime minister Bertie Ahern several weeks ago.

Sources told French magazine Libération that the president held confusing monologues in his meetings with both Reinfeldt and Ahern. According to Libération, the French president devoted himself for close to 20 minutes to anti-Muslim abusive language.

Libération reported the talk was "hearty and familiar, downright shocking"

Nicolas Sarkozy made confusing statements about the clash of civilizations. The monologues he made to Reinfeldt and Ahern had tones of destructive sentiments.

The French president also said that Muslims have difficulties to integrate - to justify his position on the Turkey question, according to Libération.

A Swedish diplomat present at the meeting says he doesn't remember that the president said that there were too many Muslims in Europe, but that part of the discussion was certainly about whether different civilizations should live side by side.

Fredrik Reinfeldt's staff couldn't comment. But before he explained his opinions on Muslims, Sarkozy tried to be pleasant to his guest. By way of introduction to the meeting he asked his guest "Do you make jogging?"

The Swedish prime minister quickly showed that he doesn't speak better English than the Frenchman. Fredrik Reinfeldt runs both more often and longer than Sarkozy, who still profiles himself as a sporting and modern Frenchman.

The the president began to talk instead about Turkey. In French.

Source: Aftenbladet (Swedish)

See also: Liberation 1, 2 (French)


FreeSpeech said...

I guess this is a campaign against Sarkozy, as he has a clear stance pro human rights.

Check his discussion with Tariq Ramadan on Nov 20, 2003.
(My comments are in german, but the video is in french and so are the links with more material)

Anonymous said...

I think Sarkozy has points on the refusal of too many muslims to integrate sufficiently, but when he starts throwing aroung LGF-style balther he needs to curtail himself. Muslims are not intrinsically a bad thing, but there needs to be a willingness to cooperate from all involved.

1389 said...

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