Rotterdam: Ramadan should act against virginity cult

The philosopher Tariq Ramadan must act against the virginity cult within the Muslim community, says the Leefbaar Rotterdam party. Ramadan was appointed at the beginning of the year as guest professor of Identity and Citizenship at Erasmus University. The municipality of Rotterdam wants him to boost the dialog in the city.

The Rotterdam party wants the Swiss, who has Egyptian roots, to speak out against forced marriages as well. According to Leefbaar Rotterdam, Ramadan is a "wolf in sheep's clothing," by speaking out he can prove the contrary.

"Ramadan is financed with tax money and therefore should exert himself for the Rotterdam community," says Leefbaar council member Marianne van den Anker. She points out that in Rotterdam girls are being coerced to get married, minor girls are married in Islamic ceremonies in mosques. "Many young girls are weighed down by the virginity cult," says Van den Anker.

As an Islamologist Ramadan can make taboo subjects debatable. The party calls on Ramadan to play an active role.

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