Denmark: Terrorist attack could take place 'without warning'

I'm not sure what this news article adds: that Denmark could experience terror, or that its own intelligence agency thinks that terror attacks are really a response to cartoons in the newspaper.


The latest update from PET, the domestic intelligence agency, about the risk of terrorism in Denmark finds that an attack could take place on Danish soil 'without warning'.

The update, released on Friday, states that there remains a 'general threat' of terrorism of Denmark. Agency sources underscored, however, that the update builds on the agency's previous evaluation and did not reflect an increased risk of terrorism.

PET's update paints a picture of a potential terrorist as a militant Islamist working alone or as part of a group, and reacting to Denmark's military engagement in Afghanistan or Iraq, or in response to the Jyllands-Posten Mohammed drawings.

The update cited an on-going trial of four men suspected of planning a terrorist act, as well as a series of arrests earlier this year, as evidence that there are individuals or groups in Denmark who 'are willing to participate in terror-related activities'.

Despite the threat, PET said there was a minimal risk of Danes being the target of a terrorist attack at home or abroad.

'Even though the risk of terrorism has increased over the past few years, it is worth noting that the risk of becoming a random victim … is extremely low.'

A recent survey found that most Danes held the same attitude. While 48 percent of those responding to a Userneeds/Nyhedsavisen study said they believed the risk of terrorism was higher this year than it was last year, only 1 percent said they had changed their behavioural patterns out of fear of becoming a victim of terrorism.

Source: Copenhagen Post (English)

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