Amsterdam: Muslim missionizing in school

Muslim organizations attempted to "recruit souls" by students of the Amsterdam Comenius Lyceum in Slotervaart.  Students also spread reading material which "preached intolerance and discrimination".

The mission work in the school's vicinity was done by women who spoke with students and tried to convince them to convert to Islam.  In addition booklets were circulated in the school which explained the position of the woman in Islam as completely subordinate to the man.  Besides that, it seems that some students spoke with others in a threatening tone on not observing the fasting regulations during Ramadan.

Principal Berend Meijer of Comenius denounced the issue in school and called for a halt.  About four weeks after he joined the school, which has mostly Muslim students, as principal, he wrote a letter to the 400 hundred students and their parents.

In the letter the students were advised not to associate with Muslim organization who attempt to win them over.  Meijer also forbade the spreading of discriminating religious reading material.  "Missionizing, recruiting souls, is forbidden in and around the school," Meijer explained.  he says he thinks its harmful and it doesn't matter to him whether its Christians or Muslims.  "I don't accept that people abuse the school area for their mission work."

Meijer had expected the letter to initially cause a lot of anger and distrust among the mainly immigrant and Muslim students.  That same afternoon about 40 angry students came for a talk with their new principal.  Meijer says that the intention was to enter into a dialog with them and build up trust.  After the afternoon talk they understood the message better and in any case already said that they don't have "no trust".

According to Meijer there's no issue of a riot in his school in the heart of Slotervaart.  "There was not one, and there isn't one.  No matters occur in this school that don't also happen in another school with this composition.  With this letter I wanted to declare that there are limits.  With it I wanted to protect my students.  We are not here only to teach them, but also to educate them.  And I don't need any interference in that by others."

Source: Telegraaf (Dutch) h/t  Nieuw Religieus Peil (Dutch)

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