Sweden: Mobile Quran recitations

A little Swedish company has an ambition to become the leading mobile networking place for Muslims. With 46 million kroner in new risk capital, MyQuran (English) is now rolling out globally.

Björn Touqan of MyQuran explains that the main goal is to build a community, similar to Facebook, so that Muslims all over the world can network and contact each other via the mobile internet.

The company started in April and in September, during Ramadan, launched a service enabling people to get the Koran on their mobile in Arabic. Prayers are sent five times a day together with a prayer calendar with local prayer time for different places in the world. It also includes a mosque guide. The service is offered by all the big mobile operators in Sweden and will also be launched in Denmark.

During the test period the service got 4,500 members in Sweden who downloaded 30,000 recitations. Björn Touqan says the next stage is to roll out globally. The big markets are in countries like Indonesia, Pakistan and the Middle East.

Currently he's the only employee but after receiving risk capitals from Switzerland and Kuwait of 46 million kroner, he wants to expand. Next in line they plan to launch in England. The service will also be expanded, with chat functions and translations to Swedish and English.

The technical system was developed by MyQuran's sister company Dub Tools and enabler the user to get streaming to the mobile without having to download a program. The monthly charge of 30 kroner is paid through the mobile bill.

50% of revenue is directed to the Islamic Council in Sweden that help in social projects and integration activities. [ed. It's unclear to me which organization this is.]

Björn Touqan says that you can choose different reciters, which in Muslim countries are considered artists, with some reciting fast, other slow, and others chanting.

Source: Ny Teknik (Swedish)


Anonymous said...

Is there anything else other than the Koran inside Islamic people's brain???

Muqawamah said...

Koran is the supreme Word of God you fool

Anonymous said...

What proof is there that it is the word of god? None. It has no chronological order, it has no narrative, it is reptitive, full of hate and badly written. One man coming out of a cave saying god has spoken to him is proof of lunacy not of god.

Anonymous said...

it's how you interpret it isn't it? with love or with hate.