Ede: Moroccans stewards on buses

Morrocan stewards will ride on two bus lines in the Veldhuizen neighborhood of Ede starting next week. A small group of Moroccan youth there regularly attacks bus drivers. " According to the Association Inter-help Immigrants (Stichting Interhulp Migranten) putting in stewards will prevent this behavior.

The neighborhood stewards on the bus is an idea of the association. Six Moroccan parents will get on the bus at specific times as stewards. "The experience is that the youth stay calm is they see a Moroccan parents on the bus," says a spokesperson of the foundation.

According to Veolia transport, bus drivers are regularly attacks. The bus drivers are sworn and spitted at. Two drivers have so far filed a complaint.

Source: Telegraaf (Dutch)


Anonymous said...

the best solution could be the expulsion of the maroccans involved:they live in our lands because in their own lands they have no future.Their frustration come from islam because they see that Islam is unable to give her a good life.This is only JALOUSY.

Dinah Lord said...


Why aren't they putting POLICE on the bus and arresting the disgusting little thugs?

P.S. Welcome back Miss Esther. Hope your vacation was a good one.

Esther said...

Dinah Lord,

Thank you. Yes, it was :-)

Anonymous said...

Undercover Police is what they need to put in the buses... dumbass europeans.