Sweden: Luleå could be Islam's northernmost outpost

The site is 7,000 sq km and has two large buildings. It was formerly used by a school, but in recent years it was used by the social administration and as a furniture store.

There is a lot of commercial interest in the area. One of those interested in the two big houses is the Islamic Association in Luleå. The association has had many meetings with the city building office and are looking for an appropriate place for an Islamic center where
they can build a mosque.

"There are many good places that will fit us perfectly. They're central and have bus connections. For our big festivals We must arrange good places. Now we are 1,000 Muslims just here in Luleå and when we have Friday prayers at Örnäset there's just 50 places at the site." says Baby Thein.

The municipality does not want to hire out a site and that means that the Muslims must get money for the purchase price.

"We don't have so much money in our association ourselves. Now we'll meet the Islamic center of Norrbotten association on how they see an Islamic center in Luleå and if we get get the money together," says Baby Thern.

The Muslims want to take over the old school building and build a mosque. "If we build a mosque, we must also make a minaret where we can call out the prayer times. It's important ," says Baby Thern.

If there will be a mosque in Luleå it would be the world's most northern. The most northern currently is the mosque planned in Umeå which has now received building permission.

Source: NSD (Swedish) h/t Mitt Sverige (Swedish)


Anonymous said...

No need for a minaret. User SMS for the call to prayers. Effective and inffensive to other people.

Anonymous said...

What is happening the cancer is spreading. People have to get out of their insane nonsensical liberal haze and DO SOMETHING! Multicultural societies DO NOT work.

Usman Ali said...
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