Gaza terror group warns Danish People's Party

I'm not sure what's most newsworthy: that the Al-Aqsa Martyrs' Brigades decides to threaten a Danish political party, that the Al-Aqsa Martyrs' Brigades are still active in Gaza, that there are any Danes in Gaza who don't think their lives are in danger, or that Danish broadcaster DR thinks the Al-Aqsa Martyrs' Brigades are a terror group. In any case, doing a web-search I did not find Khaled al-Jabbari in any other context.


Palestinian terror group Al-Aqsa Martyrs' Brigades is now directly warning DPP.

"This party deals with the blood of the Danish people. It is dangerous," says spokesperson Khaled al-Jabbari, who brought up the subject in an interview with Morgenavisen Jyllands-Posten in Gaza.

"Should this be construed as a threat? No, I don't threaten, I warn. We don't want to see the Danish people as an enemy, but this can get to actions," he says.

The spokesperson hinted that he himself was ready to actively take part in an attack against Danish institutions to defend the prophet.

Head of the DPP Pia Kjærsgaard was shocked by the statements saying that they will under no circumstances bow down to a terror organization and that the painting is a 400 year old picture that was used to symbolize freedom of speech.

Source: (Danish)

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Fatso said...

This threat would, if I were Danish and not English, give me even more reason to vote for the DPP!

How dare Islamic, fascist, terrorists threaten us in free thinking, democratic Europe.

Anonymous said...

They surely do! Do not ever think that it is happening only in Denmark! I just read how the Islamic confederation in Spain has demandend to the gov the abolition of an Spanish national festivity called "moors and christians". As it is well known to everyone, Spain was able to expele the Muslims out from Europe centuries ago. This national festivity is celebrated every year. Days ago, the Islamic confederation in Spain that counts right now with 1 million Muslims consider this festivities as offensive and insultive and have demanded its abolition at once. In other words my friend, we, europeans must change our ways of life and ways of thinking because it does insult the Islam. My question now is: what can we do?
If that issue was just not serious enough, the Islamic community has also demanded the Mezquita of Córdoba to be given back to the Islam. They have even wrote a letter to the Paus and had serious talks with the Catholic authorities to discuss this matter. The Christians in Spain do deadly fear that by doing so,giving the muslims what they want,South Spain will be turn into a new Mecca, a place where rivers of Islamic Pelgrims will come and gather daily. The Catholic authorities have rejected this crazy demand and have said that an Islamic prayer wont be tolerate in the Mezquita. The Mezquita of Córdoba is not a Muslim property. Police is there day and night to prevent for any Muslim to stay and pray. What a bullshit of the Muslims to tell us they will use the Mezquita to exchange ideas...Nobody needs enters the Mezquita to do so. U can enter a normal building and sit and talk.
To my opinion, giving the Mezquita back into Islamic hands will gift the muslims more power and will reinforce their religion. Since the Mezquita is a symbol of the old great islam, getting it back will mean hell for us all...
This demand has shocked Christians authorities and even the Paus was so shocked he didnt know what to say...
so far, there are plans to discuss this Islamic demand.
I canno't believe what I hear. I cannot believe any Christian authority in Europe would be so stupid and blind not to see that this "demand" cannot even be taken in serious consideration. And if they do...
I am deadly terrified...

Anonymous said...

Europe was once a powerful place where giants walked, France, Germany, Britain, Spain etc, what are they now belly showing sheep, the politicians and goverments are corrupt and weak, they bow to the needs and demands of every culture except their own, this is very dangerous the goverments push the people closer and closer to a rebellious state where they will take back their countries and Europe with blood if necessary, if the politicians are as clever as they think they will know that race riots are inevitable, why? because they are going to cause them. We are who we are, we should not change as we are being forced to do to accomodate the minorities in our countries, strike back, strike hard and be free.