Amsterdam: Sister of murder victim 'threatening' for murder suspects

The sister of the Amsterdam store owner Erkan Yildiz, who was shot in cold blood, was sent out of the court, since her presence was "threatening" for the murderers.

"My presence would be too threatening for the criminals," says an upset Ayse. "Inconceivable, but true. With a lot of pain and difficult, my lawyer settled that I will presently be in the court session and may have my say. Now the murderers of my brother are treated like a victim. They get the best protection and are defended by Spong Advocaten. The world has fallen on its head.. "

In the beginning of the year, Erkan was shot dead in his store in Amsterdam-Noord. Just beforehand he has appeared on television complaining about the many times that he was robbed. Four suspects were picked up, of which two were finally charged.

"They haven't expressed an ounce of regret," says Ayse, who had found her dead brother in the store. "One of these felllows still tells a hazy story and thereby denies being involved. I will never be able to forgive them, because what type of person are you if you kill somebody for a chain? And now they whine that they're being threatened and that the Turkish community will take revenge."

"They say they've heard in prison that people will take revenge. I only know that Erkan had many, many friends, but revenge.. we did have tremendously many expressions of support. I think that thousands of letters from perfect strangers who wanted to encourage us. Truly heart warming."

Lawyer Mr. M. Zwennes understands his client's anger. "It came for her like a lightning bolt out of the clear sky, that she must leave the hall."

Ayse and her husband tried to continue running the night store for a few more months, but finally they sold the business in order to make a new start elsewhere in Amsterdam. "We couldn't stay longer in Noord, because everything there smelled of blood. We lived above the store and I was the one who found Erkan first. That picture always stays with me."

Ayse is still very emotional when she talks about the fatal day which completely changed her life and that of her husband, who was Erkan's business partner. "At the time I was in the clouds because I was almost expecting our second child. But in place of birth greetings, I first had to post the mourning cards.."

"I now have double feelings when I look at my daughter. An intense love, naturally, but she also reminds me of a dreadful period. I can still not comprehend that my brother is no more. He has been shot dead in a cowardly manner and after that the culprits took his chain. We got a life sentence, because we'll never get over it. Curious what the culprits will soon hear from the judge when the case comes up to court on November 29th."

According to the justice department the president of the court decides who may attend the court session. According to a spokesperson the judge can send out people if there's a problem. "That can happen whenever emotions run high and the peace is disturbed, such as obviously happened here."

Source: Telegraaf (Dutch)

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Dinah Lord said...

These creeps were threatened by the mere presence of this poor girl?????

The world has indeed fallen on its head...

(Miss Esther - I feel like I should link every story you have put up today! Excellent reportage of stories about the EU that never see the light of day here. Thank you.)