Belgium: More Turkish student organizations

Turkish student organizations are on the rise. They turn up more often in places where they didn't exist before, and in places where they have existed, the membership is markedly rising, according to Leuven student newsletter Veto. The reason is the need of these students for an identifiable social network, such as in their land of origin, and the fact that they deal with similar challenges like their specific needs in the field of education.

In Genk the student organization Tügšk has been working for already a decade to improve the education level of Turkish students and to form a bridge between education institutions, students and parents. The most recently activity - an iftar meal - brought in a record number of 400 students.

In recent years the Turkish Student Organization Leuven (TSL) was founded in Leuven and the immigrant student organization FLUX was founded in Ghent. Both organize educational, recreational and cultural activities. Their membership numbers are also going up.

Source: HLN (Dutch)

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