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Dinah Lord said...

Happy Trails!

Unknown said...

It is amazing that everyone on the planet can slam Christianity, but it is racist to say anything against radical Islam. Wake up you narrow minded liberals in Europe. The immigrants are taking over your countries-slowly but methodically-and before you know it-you will have no say whatsoever in your own country. In order to avoid confrontation-you bow to it-Isn't that how Hilter got so powerful? Everyone turns a blind eye to what is going on-then it is too late. When the shit hits the fan-you will be calling on American for help. Isn't is amazing that America comes to the aide of anyone and everyone who needs help against terrorists- yet you continue to bash America and democracy. WAKE UP think for yourselves instead of listening to your politically correct scholars and journalists-who parrot "multi culture rants" like it is a religion. Extremists do not think or reason the same way you do-figure it out before there are more murders and rapes. Arn't you tired of paying taxes to support foreigners who insist on special treatment? WAKE UP SPEAK UP

Anonymous said...

Your God is imaginary. Religion is a brain virus and the perversity of that virus is the fact that it has a mechanism to avoid destruction by rational thinking by accepting the notion 'Believe without trying to prove it'. You know why Arabs and the rest of the non-western world were left behind by the west as for technology and science during the last 400 years. Because the christian church has less power and critical thinking emerged. The greatest evil in the world is the fact that religious people find perversities like 'believing without seeing' a virtue.

Anonymous said...

To the racist pr*ck who says its ok to slam Islam because apparently Christianity gets Slammed. First of all no where in Islam does it support what the extremists do, these people are not defined as proper muslims, so please do not stereo type every muslim to be like that. Your obviously related to the Nazis because your talk can only spread hate and not create peace! Islam has always been portrayed as a bad religion when in fact it is totally the contrary read your facts before you wag your poisonous tongue. If you said this directly to me you sure would get a slap! And as for your point on Christianity being slammed i hardley think that happens! When a crime is committed by a white or black person who may be Christian that is not stated in the newpapers but when a crime is committed by an asian who may be muslim the first thing that is mentioned is the fact that the person who committed the outraged crime is a muslim.The media tried to blame a muslim citizen living in the far east for kidnapping Madeline Mccannan showing a picture with the article of a woman wearing a hijaab (incase you don't know what that is its a peice of clothing worn to cover the hair). This is always done when it is a muslim so don't you dare come out with all this rubbish hateful talk because the only person who is narrow minded here is you! The immgrants that come to this country actually help this country to run if you have noticed it is because of these people the jobs get filled that the Brits don't want to do such as in factories, restaurants, cleaning jobs etc. To an extent yes the amount of immigrants that are allowed in this country should lower because we do not want to be in a position where we becaome over populated. I thinks its facinating how we have so many multi cultural aspects to the UK it makes it a country with more choice and variety. As for people like you, there shouldn't be any place for you where there are humans and thats on a secluded Island where you should run your type of people with the rat race! Broaden your horizons! (Ps Islam is not radical it is a peaceful religion which has been very poorley misunderstood read the books and get a better insight that is if you really do have an interest but if not then you are just what you state in your poor speech)

Dinah Lord said...

This is really pretty funny.

Dear Anon slams Grace for "stereo typing every Muslim to be like that" and then goes on to call her a Nazi and advocate bodily harm upon her person!

Man, you're a laugh riot, Anon!

And regarding this?
"Islam is not radical it is a peaceful religion which has been very poorley misunderstood..."

I refer you to here.

Cheers - thanks for the giggle!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous, one of the primary characteristics of Muslims is their inability to even speak of others without swearing. Another is their intense hatred. A third is their bizarre sensitivity to people questioning the observable fact that Islam is anything but a peaceful religion. It is an ignorant and savage death cult that took every tribal idiosynchracies of 7th Century barbarians and incorporated into this same cult as if they were virtues. Pat