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Blogs in English - About Muslims and Europe

A New Dark Age is Dawning
Ali Eterz
Bare Naked Islam
Brussels Journal - Belgium
Counterterrorism Blog
Crusade Media
Daily Atheist
Daniel Pipes
Eurabian Dreams
EuroIslam, EuroMuslim
Europe Word
European Alliance for Rational Thought
Gary Fouse
Gates of Vienna
Greeks Rethink
Jihad Watch
Immigration in Europe
Infidel Blogger's Alliance
Islam and Christianity
Islamic Threat
Islamization Watch
Islamophobia Watch
Klein Verzet - Netherlands
London Muslims
Middle East Info
Musical Infidels
Muslim Basque
News from Islam
Quest for the Right One - on marriage
Religion of Peace
Reuters Faithworld
Right Side News
Roncesvalles - Germany
Sharia Finance Watch
Snouck - Netherlands
The Astute Bloggers
The Gathering Storm
Tundra Tabloid - Finland
Undeniable Politics
UP POMPEII - Exposing Islamic Jihad in Britain and Europe
Weasel Zippers
Western Resistance
Wind Rose Hotel - Italy
Winds Of Jihad
Militant Islam Monitor

Blogs in Dutch - specifically about Muslims in Belgium and the Netherlands

Abdelhay - Belgium
Azady - Kurds in the Netherlands
CLOSER - Anthropology of Muslims in the Netherlands
Eurabia - English, Dutch, German
Kruisvaarder's Weblog - English, Dutch
Maghreb Magazine - Morocco in the Netherlands
Nieuw Religieus Peil - religious coercion in Europe
Planet IslamBlog
Wij Blijven Hier - "We're staying here"

Blogs in French

Al Kanz
François Desouche
Le Blog du Cochon Hallal
le blog laiciste
Observatoire de l'islamisation

Blogs in German

Die Grune Pest
Islamische Zeitung
Politically Incorrect News

Blogs in Scandinavian Languages

Amal Tamimi - Icelandic Muslim local politician
Anti Jihad Norge - (Norwegian)
Dagens Ateist (Norwegian)
Every Kinda People (Swedish)
FOMI - Swedish forum against Islamization (Swedish)
Gulay Kocbay (Danish)
Gudmunson - Swedish and International Current Affairs (Swedish)
Helen Latifi's small talk (Danish)
Hodjas Blog - (Danish, some English)
I mitt Sverige - (Swedish)
Jihad i Malmö - (Swedish)
Muslimska Friskolan (Swedish)
Salmann Tamimi - head of Icelandic Muslim Association (Icelandic)
Skúli Skúlason (Icelandic)
Uriasposten - (Danish)

Blogs in Spanish

Eurabia News
Islam España
La Yijad en Eurabia
Spanish Pundit

Blogs in Other Languages

Brüsszel Fátyol Alatt (Hungarian, about Muslims in Brussels)
Equal Society
Islam Info (Czech)
Islam Info (Polish)

Inactive blogs of interest

1212 Las Navas (Spanish)
Fjordman - Scandinavia
German Eurabia - Germany
Islamic Evil
Muslim Brothers Disclosed
Norwegian News - Norway
Viking Observer - Scandinavia
News about immigrants in the Netherlands

Updated: April 22, 2010


Snouck said...

Snouck is awake.



Joern said...

I would try:

Anonymous said...

Le Blog du Cochon Hallal (The Blog of the Halal Pig). French

(+ look what could happen in France sunday-monday night if Sarkozy is elected president... it could be HOT like in sweden, like on 2005 november)

Anonymous said...


All UK bloggers

Anonymous said...


Reuters recently launched its blog FaithWorld ( on covering religions around the world. Islam is naturally a main topic for us. Might be of interest for your blogroll.

All the best,
Tom Heneghan
Reuters Religion Editor

Anonymous said...

i'm fadhil,

i would like to add a blog to your blog.

my blog name is islam online
and the url is,

Anonymous said...

i'm fadhil,

i just want to make a correction of my blog url

the correct one is

Gary Fouse said...

I am adding your blog to my own (fousesquawk) as I support your mission.

I would like to request that you check out my postings on the Islamic issue in the West, and if you wish, please add my blog to your links. I think it is important that similarly-minded people in America and Europe communicate with each other. As part of that effort, I am linking several European blogs to my own.

Thank you.

gary fouse
Orange County, Calif usa

Islam In Us said...


If you like my blog, you can link to it, it's on Islamic lessons I attend here in Malaysia.

thank you,

Matn al ilmiyyah said...


Masha'Allah nice blog

i want 2 share mine with u insha'Allah

Peace X

Sarfaraz M Manik said...

Here is my blog on Mosques Around the World: Pictures of Mosques

Thorum said...

Keep up the good work!! I have added you to my blog, European Alliance for Rational Thought.

Unknown said...


please add my blog. Jazakallah

EU-MED said...

Thanks for your interesting posts about immigration and integration... I am a frequent reader of your blog and would like to welcome you to visit my blog on the Euro-Mediterranean Relations.

Keep it up!
Best Regards