Belgium: First female imam in Europe

A mosque in southern Belgium has named a female Muslim professor to the post of imam, the first such a move in the northwestern European country.

"Hawaria Fattah has been granted the rank of imam," Abdel-Jalel Al-Hajaji, the curator of Al-Sahaba Mosque in the southern city of Verviers, told on Saturday, October 25.

"It is the first move of its kind in Belgium and Europe."

Chosen along with two male imams, Fattah, a mother of three, will supervise the preaching activities for women at the mosque.

"But she will not deliver the sermon of the Friday prayers or lead the prayers," stressed Hajaji.

"Her role will focus on supervising the preaching and guidance activities for women at the mosque."

Fattah's selection was approved by the Belgian Justice Ministry, which is responsible for the country's religious affairs.

Born to an Algerian father and a Belgian mother, Fatah, 35, is a professor of social and Islamic studies.

She has worked as a preacher for Muslim women at a mosque in Verviers.


Source: Islam Online (English)

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