Finland: Priest to be defrocked for criticizing Checken terrorist

Finland: Priest to be defrocked for criticizing Checken terrorist

Update here: Finland: Priest to be defrocked for criticizing Chechens

Via RT:
Russia's number one outlaw Chechen terrorist Doku Umarov is also high-up on the international most-wanted list. But it seems one of Russia's neighbors isn't interested in helping bring him to justice.

Priest Juha Molari is receiving threats, and faces being defrocked for speaking out against Doku Umarov and his internet mouthpiece, the Kavkaz-Centre.

“I use the word terrorist. They use the word President,” Molari explains.

The site was the first to publish the terrorist's words on the attacks he claims – the Beslan school siege, the Nevsky express and Moscow metro bombings, and most recently – the Domodedovo airport attack.

The website is banned in Russia, but in Finland it enjoys quite a comfortable standing not only on the Internet, but also in downtown Helsinki.

The priest was the first to openly say this was an outrage, and the reaction was quick to follow.

He got an e-mail apparently from Dagestan saying that if he doesn’t “stop fight against Kavkaz-Centre, they will cut his head off and his family.”

Juha Molari went to police, but instead ended up being persecuted himself. The Lutheran Church now wants to defrock him for promoting religious intolerance. He's also being sued for criticizing, what Finland calls, a legally operating organization.