Denmark: Millions sent abroad to finance terrorism

Denmark: Millions sent abroad to finance terrorism

Via JP (Danish, h/t JIHAD I MALMÖ)

Jakob Scharf, head of the Danish Security Service (PET), said Tuesday that terrorist groups like Al-Qaeda and Al-Shabaab get funds from Denmark.

"PET estimates that around 20 million kroner (~$3.5m) are collected every year in Denmark to finance terrorist groups abroad," he said. This is only an estimation.

In recent years Danish courts handled three cases of terrorism-financing. The cases involved people and associations who supported rebel movements in Colombia and Palestine with an overall sum of less than 150,000 kroner.

PET estimates that the groups who enjoy the Danish millions include groups in conflict zones like Iraq, Afghanistan, Lebanon, Palestine and Somalia.

PET says it's often difficult to prove money transactions are related to terrorism because the terrorist networks use many middlemen. However , PET does say that various people have been stopped at airports on their way to conflict zones with large amounts of money.