Netherlands: rate of unemployment equal throughout

Though immigrants from non-Western countries have a much higher unemployment rate than ethnic Dutch, according to the Dutch Central Bureau for Statistics the unemployment rate of both groups is rising at about the same rate.

In 2005 the unemployment rate by ethnic Dutch was about 5% while for non-Western immigrants it was about 16%. In 2004, both groups had a slightly higher unemployment rate.

The umemployment rate by young people (15-24), however, is rising much higher. In 2005, the unemployment rate by ethnic Dutch was 11% (12% in 2004), while by immigrants it went up from 23% to 26%.

Source: Volkskrant (Dutch)


Snouck said...

I think the title of this article does not adequatly reflect the text.

Snouck Mierenneuker

Esther said...

Hi Snouck,

I admit I had trouble thinking up a good title ;-). What would you have called it?


Snouck said...

Something like :

Foreigners twice as underemployed as Ethnic Dutch


Esther said...

But that wasn't the point of the article. The percent of employed immigrants is much lower than that of ethnic dutch BUT the rate at which this percent is going up/down is almost the same for both groups.