Norway: Terrorism

The four men arrested earlier this week for firing at Oslo's synagogue are now being charged with terrorism. At least one of the men is Pakistani, the others are of different nationalities.

News from Norway reports that they were planning to blow up the Israeli and US embassies, as well as other neighboring buildings. The two embassies are located in a central location in Oslo, right next to the Royal Palace. Both countries have been under pressure to move their embassies, as they constitute a security risk and require constant guard.

This is a good time to remind everybody that according to Muslim norwegians, Muslims are not responsible for terror. (see: Norway: Muslims aren't terrorists 2, Norway: Muslims aren't terrorists, Norway: Don't panic!)

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Putting together the various reports on this story, the four men are:
1. A Norwegian born Pakistani, 29
2. A Pakistani holding Norwegian citizenship, 28
3. A Norwegian (of Norwegian descent) , 26
4. A Turk holding Norwegian citizenship, 28

I think it's not too hazardous to guess that they are Muslims. Like many other European countries, Norway should now wake up to the realization that it does not matter where the person came from so much as the convictions they hold.

Update 2:

The Norwegian Police Security Service (PST) had the Norwegian born Pakistani under surveillance for a while. The four suspects are being accused of plotting to blow up the US and Israel embassies, as well as the syngogue and of planning to abduct and behead the Israeli ambassador, Miryam Shomrat.

The Norwegian suspect is the son of an employee at the royal court, and the PST suspects that there may be a breach in the security network around the royal family.

Source: Reuters (English), Aftenposten (English)

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