Sofia: Muslim threatened us with knife, says Ataka leader

Sofia: Muslim threatened us with knife, says Ataka leader

Via Novinite:

Supporters of the nationalist Bulgarian Ataka (Attack) party were threatened by Muslims, one of whom carrying a knife, on Friday, according to its notorious leader, Volen Siderov.

On Friday far-right extremists from the Ataka party assaulted praying Muslims. The outburst occurred while the nationalists led by their Siderov staged a rally near the Banya Bashi mosque in Sofia protesting against the use of loudspeakers by the mosque. Several people ended up injurfed, including Denitsa Gadzheva, an Ataka MP, who was presumably hit by a stone thrown by a Muslim.

On Sunday, during a talk show on the private Nova TV, Siderov showed a picture of what he described as Gadzheva's "disfigured" face, as well as a photo of a man carrying a knife in front of the mosque. He refuted statements that his supporters were throwing eggs at the Muslims, stating it was the other way around. The nationalist leader reiterated the Ataka supporters were attacked by "Islamist extremists" while staging a "peaceful" protest.


Siderov also said that suspected radical Ali Yuzeirov was at the center of the group outside the mosque.

The Ataka movie of events is available here.