Sofia: Muslims attacked in anti-mosque protest

Sofia: Muslims attacked in anti-mosque protest

Via Novinite:

Supporters of the Bulgarian far right Ataka (Attack) party started a brawl in downtown Sofia, assaulting Muslims during their Friday prayer.

The nationalists staged a rally in front of the Sofia's Banya Bashi mosque, protesting the fact it has loudspeakers that sound Muslim prayers in the entire area around it.

As one of the protesters tried to remove a prayer rug from the space in front of the mosque, tension escalated and a fight started between the two groups, the BGNES news agency says. At least one of the Muslims has been injured.

Ataka supporters were reported shouting "Bulgaria" and "Turks, get out", as well as throwing eggs at the praying.

Three people were charged for the attacks.

Ahmed Dogan, leader of the ethnic Turkish party DPS called for a law against provoking ethnic hatred. Bulgaria's rightist opposition Blue Coalition will initiate legislative changes banning demonstrations near religious temples. Bulgarian President Georgi Parvanov said must declare itself against any violence, and sought to shift the focus from any interpretations that the incident were the result of a conspiracy.

A number of Bulgarian citizens came to the mosque to lay flowers as a gesture of apology.


Another video of the incident.

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