Chechnya: Top Al-Qaeda envoy killed

Chechnya: Top Al-Qaeda envoy killed

Via RT:

A chief Al-Qaeda operative, Doger Sevdet, known under the alias Abdulla Kurd, has been killed in the North Caucasus by Russian law enforcement. A Turkish national, he is credited with being the international co-ordinator of the region's terror cells.

­A Turkish passport has been discovered at the scene, the National Antiterrorist Committee (NAC) said on Wednesday. The document is said to contain Azerbaijani, Pakistani and Georgian visas.

A major result of this operation, according to NAC officials, is the disruption of the connection between the militants operating in Russia’s North Caucasus and Al-Qaeda.

Doger Sevdet took part in the planning and organization of mass terrorist attacks, assassinations and killings of citizens and law-enforcement officials, as NAC stated.