Sweden: Church sold to Muslim group in display of "Christian love"

Sweden: Church sold to Muslim group in display of "Christian love"

Via the Local:
A Muslim group plans to turn a church into a mosque after Swedish pentecostalists decided to sell a superfluous property in Flen in eastern Sweden in a display of "Christian love".

“We have been crowding together in a cellar now for twenty years, and as there are more members every month, it was time to buy larger premises,“ said Skender Zekic of the Swedish-Romani Association, which works together with the Bosnian association and al Houda, to the local Eskilstunakuriren daily.

The church in Flen in eastern Sweden, had been on the market since November last year when the al Houda Muslim Centre approached the real estate agency with the intent to buy the church.

The decision to sell had come after two congregations joined together and one of the premises therefore became surplus to requirements.

However, selling the church to a Muslim organisation was not a decision that the congregation took lightly, according to Christina Blomqvist.

“There were very many discussions back and forward and some anguish among a few of our members who felt that it was wrong due to the persecution of Christians in some Muslim countries,” chairperson Christina Blomqvist told The Local.

But in the end the organisation couldn’t see any hindrance for the sale to go through.