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'Ex Muslim extremist issues Krekar warning '

'Ex Muslim extremist issues Krekar warning '

I thought this was an interesting headline.  Anjem Choudary is a former spokesperson of Islam4UK.  In this article he threatens Norway for arresting a terrorist.  So what makes him an ex-extremist?

Analysis: The anonymous and famous

Analysis: The anonymous and famous

A couple of stories which popped up recently.

The first is about an unnamed European Muslim cleric who warned that women shouldn't handle certain fruits and vegetables. The story itself is not outlandish - I remember reading something about a Saudi cleric saying something similar a few years ago - but this story specifically sounds weird.

Berlin: Turkish MP beaten up for ordering food on Ramadan (or not)

Berlin: Turkish MP beaten up for ordering food on Ramadan (or not)

A Turkish MP of the Berlin parliament, Özcan Mutlu (Greens), recently entered a shop and ordered pork sausages. Somehow this led to a fight and mutual complaints of assault, but what happened exactly depends on which newspaper you read.

Iranian 'news agency' copying off 'Islam in Europe'

Iranian 'news agency' copying off 'Islam in Europe'

Yesterday I posted a story titled Belgium: Muslim organization sues sociologist for making link between Islam and antisemitism.

Lo and behold, the Iranian AhlulBayt News Agency (ABNA) posted the same story, with the same headline, and with the same exact translation. They just forgot to mention the source (HLN) or the translator (me).

This isn't the first time, and there are a few so-called serious organizations who do this. I've given up on chasing up on this. Just be aware, if you use ABNA as a news source, that they are not real journalists.

Wikileaks scoop: Media not as critical as they think

Wikileaks scoop: Media not as critical as they think

Various news media are reporting about a new Wikileaks 'scoop': according to US diplomatic cables, a third of British Muslim students justify killing in the name of Islam. The source for this scoop seems to be the Examiner, that claimed a couple of days ago that "this survey and its shocking poll results were made available only through the Wikileaks leaking of Julian Assange".

Supposedly, the US Embassy relied for its data on a secret study by Centre for Social Cohesion. Most Wikileaks scoops so far just confirm what everybody already suspected, but in this case: wasn't there at least one journalist who wondered why the Centre for Social Cohesion, known for its critical reports on Islam, would keep such data hidden? Or where the US Embassy got it from [hint: the media]? Or why that data sounded somewhat familiar?

If anybody would have bothered Googling just a bit, they would have discovered that this 'secret study', titled "Islam on Campus" was widely discussed by the media when it came out and is available for download (PDF) from the Centre for Social Cohesion site.

The data itself is shocking, but now we have another scoop: nobody in the media remembered it.

Denmark: Is Islam a problem for social cohesion?

Denmark: Is Islam a problem for social cohesion?

(Is the presence of Islam a problem for social cohesion?, Uriasposten)

A couple of weeks ago I posted an article about a poll conducted in Denmark for Jyllands-Posten. One of the questions was "to what degree do you see the presence of Islam in Denmark as a problem for social cohesion?", and according to Jyllands-Posten, 55% answered in the affirmative.

The problem? Jyllands-Posten decided to group those saying it was 'very much' or 'somewhat' a problem together (54.9%), and those saying it was 'slightly a problem' or 'not a problem at all' together (39.9%). It was impossible to see how many people think Islam is not a problem at all.

Paris: Chinese protest against lack of security

Paris: Chinese protest against lack of security

On Sunday Thousands of Chinese immigrants in Paris took to the streets to protest their lack of security. They say they are being mugged and robbed by gangs of 'youth' and that the police aren't doing anything against it. The protest slogan was "Security for all, solidarity with the Chinese of Paris". Signs with the slogans and "I love Belleville" shirts were handed out in advance by the organizers.

Belgium: AFP gets it wrong

Belgium: AFP gets it wrong

AFP reports about the continuing saga (see here, here, here and here) of a Belgian maths teacher who insists on wearing a headscarf (h/t Islamophobia Watch):

A Belgian high school on Tuesday sacked a Muslim maths teacher after she insisted she would continue to wear the burqa while taking classes.

Rotterdam: Trouble in 'Mecca on the Meuse'?

Rotterdam: Trouble in 'Mecca on the Meuse'?

Dutch newspaper De Telegraaf reported yesterday that the Hillesluis neighborhood of Rotterdam, which they described as a 'Muslim neighborhood' and a little "Mecca on the Meuse", was up in arms.

Apparently Muslim residents discovered that there's a BDSM (bondage, discipline and sadomasochism) photography studio in the middle of their neighborhood. The studio belongs to Leo de Deugd, the only Dutch artist to specialize in S&M and fetishes.

De Telegraaf reported that the studio, which keeps out of sight, is right next to halal insurer AZ Zorg and immigrant temp agency Oguz and around the corner from the Essalam mosque, currently being built, the biggest in Europe.

The De Telegraaf journalist interviewed several people in the area who were shocked to hear that such a studio existed and said that such things don't belong there.

I did not post this story since there seemed to be something missing: anybody actually 'up in arms' about it.

Dutch blog GeenStijl decided to investigate and sent a reported to check the story. His video report is in Dutch, but I think it speaks for itself. The reporter could not find anybody who actually knew about the studio, or who cared that it was there.

The mosque is not actually 'right around the corner' (02:00-02:30 in the clip):, and to top it off, the neighborhood also has a shop selling sex toys (03:20) and a movie theater showing porn films. All proudly advertising their wares.

The storekeeper says he never had any troubles with Muslims.

De Telegraaf had meanwhile removed the online version of their article.

Switzerland: How many Muslims are there?

Switzerland: How many Muslims are there?

This might be nitpicking, but as I've followed articles on the Swiss minaret ban, I've noticed the number of Muslims fluctuating.

Before the final results:

Muslims make up about 6 percent of Switzerland's 7.5 million people. Many Swiss Muslims are refugees from the Yugoslav wars of the 1990s. Fewer than 13 percent practice their religion, the government says, and Swiss mosques do not broadcast the call to prayer outside their buildings.

After the final results:

Supporters of the ban said the number of Muslims in Switzerland had grown sharply from 50,000 in 1980, but it is still only 4 percent of the 7.5 million population, many of whom don't practice. Western Europe has an estimated 14 million Muslims.

According to the AP, it took a day for a third of Swiss Muslims to disappear. Either that, or the AP is using whichever demographics are more convenient to make the point ('Muslims are integral to Switzerland' vs. 'there's barely any Muslims around').

Netherlands: Mistranslation?

Netherlands: Mistranslation?

I reported about this story here and here. The Dutch media "mistranslated" Khalid Yasin's words on Geert Wilders and caused a great big controversy.

Meanwhile, the media are having a hard time investigating their own..


Whose fault was it? According to Expatica, it's clear:

During a lecture on Friday, which has since been released on YouTube, Sheikh Yasin said he hoped that Mr Wilders would be given a judicial "slap on the wrist".

According to the PVV, Mr Yasin said that Mr Wilders should be flogged, but a study of the YouTube recording has revealed that this was not so.
(Source: Expatica)


Here's news agency Novum's take on things:

In the speech, according to Fritsma [PVV parliament member], the sheik supposedly said that Geert Wilders should be flogged because he insulted Islam. According to Wilders, Fritsma bases this point of view on a report of AD. In the clip on YouTube Yasin doesn't say such words. (Source: Elsevier)


Closer to the truth, though apparently news agency Novum can't double check their own information and bring facts.

De Telegraaf says it was based on 'a newspaper report that said that the sheik had said in Rotterdam that Geert Wilders should be flogged'. (Source: Telegraaf)


DutchNews, on the other hand, has no problems pinpointing the source of the "mistranslation":

The AD newspaper reported that New Yorker Khalid Yasin had called for Wilders to be given a 'traditional punishment such as a whipping' during a speech in Rotterdam on Friday.

But later it emerged that Yasin said in English that Wilders deserved a 'juridical slap on the wrist' for making his 10-minute anti-Islam film Fitna.


The weekend mistranslation led to calls from the PVV and the Rotterdam political party Leeftbaar Rotterdam for Yasin to be expelled.

The AD has not explained how its reporter came to make such a simple translation error.

(Source: DutchNews)


But DutchNews doesn't get it fully right either. They're quoting from AD's own explanation:

A passage in the speech of the American Muslim preacher Khalid Yasin about PVV leader Geert Wilders has been interpreted wrongly by AD.

Yasin talked in the lecture, which he gave last Friday at the Islamic University of Rotterdam, in English about a 'judicial slap on the wrist'. That has been wrongly translated as a 'traditional punishment such as flogging'. Yasin actually meant that the PVV politician should get a 'judicial slap on the wrist' [now translated to Dutch].

The preacher repeated this once more during a press conference in the mosque 'Dar al-Hijra' in Rotterdam-South. Yasin regrets his statements have been wrongly interpreted. (Source: AD)


This piece above, which is titled "Yasin's speech wrongly translated", doesn't include an explanation, it doesn't even include an apology. Even worse, it's trying to rewrite the original article, which they have since removed from their site.

Thanks to Google archive here it is:

Geert Wilders moet eens ouderwets met een riem worden gegeseld. Dat bepleit de internationaal omstreden Amerikaanse moslimprediker Khalid Yasin.


De prediker zei ook dat Wilders zijn verontschuldigingen moet aanbieden aan alle moslims.

(Source: AD)

In English:

Geert Wilders should be whipped with a belt like in the old days. That argues the international controversial American Muslim preacher Khalid Yasin.


The preacher also said that Wilders should apologize to all Muslims.

[Note that this original report has no byline]


Why, you must be wondering, is this important?

First, since the public, which relies on the media, was duped. And nobody cares enough to either apologize or to explain how it happened.

Second, because there are preachers who DO say such things. AD single-handedly ensured that any such claims will be met with skepticism in the future. Are you sure? Maybe it's a mistranslation from Arabic? Maybe you didn't hear it correctly? Maybe it was taken out of context? Unless proof is produced either way, people will be faced with having to decide between believing a Muslim preacher or the media. As it stands now in the Netherlands, the preacher is much more believable.

Yasin's speech was attended by journalists, some of whom later described the speech as being very tolerant. AD's own report after the event did not say anything about whipping or flogging and instead said that Yasin 'kept far from controversial statements' and that he called for 'tolerance in the world without diffrentiating between religious denominations' (Source: AD)

So, why did AD's reporter think Yasin said Wilders should be whipped with a belt? This wasn't a 'mistranslation'. If it was, it was quite an embellished one. Did the reporter just make things up, or was he basing himself on what he was told? In either case, it's something AD should explain to the public. Particularly if it wants the public to trust them, and by extension the rest of the media, in the future.

Who's Jan Wax?

A few months ago the British home secretary, Jacqui Smith, said that the Muslim population in the UK is estimated at 2 million. She mentioned that in the past seven years, the British Muslim population grew by 400,000.

This statement has since been misquoted by various Asian newspapers as meaning that 50,000 British people convert to Islam every year.

A new article on the subject brings this and quite a few other misquotes and plain wrong data. They also bring a study of 'San Diego University researcher Jan Wax' claiming that by 2020, 25% of all Europeans would be Muslim. It might be true, it might not, the article doesn't really explain what 'Europe' is. But in any case I couldn't find any researcher named Jan Wax. Has anybody seen this study?

It is sometimes hard to differentiate between Islamophobes and Muslims, particularly when a Muslim newspaper joyfully reports that in 200 years Europe will be Muslim.

Palestine: Al-Aqsa protest

Last week Danish newspapers reported about a Palestinian petition against the Al-Aqsa channel, the Hamas satellite channel which has broadcast the children's show calling to kill Danes. The Copenhagen Post even went as far as saying that the petition was protesting the 'anti-Danish content'.

I could not find any more information about this on the English language media, and so I contacted Rolf Holmboe, the head of the Danish Diplomatic Mission in Ramallah for more details. He was very helpful and sent me the original petition in Arabic. I had originally intended to translate it, but since it will take me a long time to do so and since the petition does not deal directly with Denmark or with this blog's subject matter, I dropped the idea.

The petition, by KofiaPress and PalPress, was started a few weeks before the Hamas rabbit Assud incited Palestinian children to murder Danes. It asks Nilesat, an Egyptian satellite company, to stop carrying al-Aqsa. The channel is currently carried as part of the satellite's Iranian quota.

Nilesat had confirmed they received 150,000-170,000 protest emails. KofiaPress and PalPress say that since Assud called to kill the Danes, the protest has accelerated.

What is the petition about? I understood it more as an anti-Hamas protest. It comes out against the Hamas practice of calling other Muslims infidels and of portraying other fighters as rats (see clip here). It accuses the channel of causing conflict, of trying to give Hamas national legitimacy, of using the Palestinian cause to attack moderate Arab states and of undermining Egyptian, Lebanese and Palestinian interests.

This is not new. The Fatah Palestinian presidency has been accused by Hamas in the past of trying to close down the channel.

In February the Arab League approved a new Arab media charter. This charter was claimed to have been aimed at the Hizbullah channel of al-Manar and at al-Jazeera. Lebanon was the only one who voted against it, Qatar abstained. The charter asks Arab broadcasters "not to damage social harmony, national unity, public order or traditional values," as well as "not to offend the leaders or national and religious symbols" of Arab countries

It is therefore not so surprising that this petition was started off at about the same time, as it uses the same reasoning to demand from Nilesat to stop carrying the Hamas channel.

Egypt recently banned four international newspapers for publishing the cartoons. Though since Egyptian national TV is filled with incitement against Jews, Israel and the West, I doubt that would be cause enough to ban al-Aqsa.

Norway: Who's responsible for Palestinian suffering?

It depends which newspaper you read. 

Siv Jensen, a Norwegian politician was caught in a rocket attack in the Israeli border town of Sderot.  Here's Aftenposten's take on it, in English:

One thing is that I experienced this, but I gained new sympathy for the people who have to live with these threats and fears every single day," she said.

Jensen noted that the Israelis she has spoken with are also aware that "thousands and thousands of innocent Palestinians" also suffer as a result of the fighting between the Israelis and the radical Palestinian group Hamas.

Here's Aftenposten's take on it, in Norwegian (with my translation):

"One thing is that I experienced this, but I gained a new sympathy for the people who must live with these threats and fears every day.  This is part of the conflict in the Middle East that doesn't get so much column space in the Norwegian media."


"The Israelis I've spoken with didn't express any hate against the Palestinians as a people.  It's Hamas and their terrorist acts they want to stop.  Also Israel realizes that there are thousands and thousands of innocent Palestinians who suffer for this."


Apparently, Aftenposten understood 'this' to mean 'the fighting between Israel and Hamas', rather than 'Hamas and their terrorist acts', but in another interview to Nettavisen Jensen was much more emphatic:

Siv Jensen told Nettavisen that despite the dramatics she saw the whole thing as a useful experience.

"I have seen with my own eyes how Hamas terrorizes - both on the Israeli and Palestinian side.  I have a lot of sympathy with all who live under daily rocket attacks."

The Marcel Kalmann story

A couple of week ago I reported on my blog about an antisemitic incident in Bruges, Belgium. A Jew named Marcel Kalmann claimed he had been kicked out of a cafe just for being Jewish, and was later harassed by the police and told that there was no antisemitism in Belgium. The story was published by Joods Actueel, a Belgian Jewish magazine, after their own investigation into the story.

There is, of course, antisemitism in Belgium (see here, here and here). However, this specific story raises quite a few serious question marks.

First, about Marcel Kalmann himself.

In 2001 Dutch newspapers reported that Jewish resident of the Hague, Marc Kalmann, was terrorized by Moroccan youths because of his yarmulke, attacked by a gang of 30 kids. The local Moroccan community was surprised - they couldn't deny that Moroccan youth in the area harassed people, but said these kids would not attack a Jew specifically. And indeed, a social worker said that he had been with Kalmann when he was attacked by a group of ten Moroccans who spat at him and cursed him.



Moroccan youth interviewed by one paper said that they know the man, who stops to look at them instead of doing the smart thing and continuing walking. They said he might have been spat at, but not hit as he claimed.

The general consensus of people interviewed was that the place where he claimed being attacked was a dangerous one, and that Moroccan youth harass people who walk there, but that his story sounded exaggerated and had nothing to do with his faith.

The police had him guarded for a while, but later closed the case, having seen no signs of such attacks. After the story had lasted several months he announced that he was leaving for Israel.

Kalmann claimed to have been born in Auschwitz, in 1944, but in the stories from 2001 he was reported to be 53 (ie, born ~1948)

He had supposedly left the Netherlands when he was 15, later moving to the US, where he worked at the University of West Georgia teaching languages. He came back at around 2000, on his doctor's advice after his wife had passed away.

On a Dutch site for people looking for old friends, a man named Marc (Mordechai) Kalmann wrote in 2004 that he was born and grew up in Venlo. Had finished his studies in the Netherlands, served 3.5 years in the Israeli army and then worked in Switzerland before moving to Atlanta, Georgia in 1978. He last worked as a teacher in Carrollton (The University of West Georgia). He married, had five children and now 13 grandchildren. In 2001 his wife passed away and he started moving between Israel, the US and the Netherlands. Apparently this is the same man.

Regarding this specific story in Bruges:

I had contacted the restaurant, who say that they did not overcharge Kalmann. He has purchased a pot of coffee, paid his bill and then started arguing with the waiter.

Did the waiter kick him out saying they don't serve Jews? I have not seen anybody say otherwise, not Kalmann, not the restaurant.

Kalmann had shouted wolf before. He was apparently attacked, but he had exaggerated his story and attributed it to antisemitism in a case where Moroccan youth attacked everybody with no distinction.

Whether the wolf was really there this time, is still unclear to me. The police investigation is still continuing, but it's probably safe to say that whatever happened, it was exaggerated this time as well.

Sources: AD 1, 2, 3, 4 and also Brussels Journal (Dutch)

Asmaa Abdol-Hamid - A Question

Asmaa Abdol Hamid hopes to be the first religious Muslim women in the Danish parliament.  She had already started off much debate about the fact that she intends to wear a veil in parliament.  Reading her story, though, I have a question on something else completely.

Asmaa says she is a stateless Palestinian. Her Palestinian identity is very important to her. 

"I was immersed in my Palestinian background and many of my school projects dealt with Palestinians or Muslims in Denmark. Awareness of identity is very important for an ethnic minority."

Her necklace is in the shape of Mandatory Palestine.  I personally find it disturbing that a Danish politician walks around with a necklace symbolizing the destruction of a sovereign state, but I am not sure Palestinians have a positive symbol to uphold.

She herself was born in the United Arab Emirates, her parents grew up in Lebanon and Saudi Arabia.  Were her parents refugees from the Six Day War (1967) or were her grandparents refugees from the Israeli War of Independence (1948)?  She doesn't say.  I would assume it's the latter, since the Six Day War refugees fled to Jordan, and many of them returned. 

Does she want to return to Palestine?  Currently Gaza is under full Palestinian control and nobody is preventing her from doing so.

Her identity as a stateless Palestinian was probably fostered by her parents.  And so, though she grew up in the UAE, she does not feel connected there.  Her father came to Denmark several months after the family received asylum there.

"As soon as he arrived in Denmark, my father also went to the language course in Åbenrå, but he found going to school difficult and he wasn't an easy pupil. He was often aggravated by some of the teachers' pro-Israel interpretation of the conflict in the Middle East."

Do Danes often bring up the Middle East conflict when teaching Danish or was her father agitating to bring up his own points of view?  Either way, the Middle East conflict was obviously very important to him, enough that it bothered him to learn Danish. 

Which brings me to my question.  The family received asylum in Denmark because her father was interrogated and tortured by the United Arab Emirates Intelligence Service.  She blames the Israeli invasion of Lebanon, but I seriously doubt that the UAE would have cared unless they felt he was a threat to their own security.  Was he a PLO activist?  What exactly was he accused of?  What was he interrogated for?

Abdol-Hamid might not be responsible for her father's past actions, but if she's going to enter Parliament, I think Danes should wonder about this last question.

Source: KVInfo (English)

Norway: Professor Unni Wikan on rape

This is an exercise in facts and context, which I found quite interesting.

In the debate about rapes by Muslims in Norway, you will often find a quote by a "Norwegian professor" who said that "Norwegian women should adapt". I myself have referenced this attitude in past articles.

The professor in question is Unni Wikan, and her words appear all over the net. For example, this one:

Oslo Professor of Anthropology, Unni Wikan, said Norwegian women must take responsibility for the fact that Muslim men find their manner of dress provocative. And since these men believe women are responsible for rape, she stated, the women must adapt to the multicultural society around them. (

Who is Professor Unni Wikan? Is she 'just' another leftist-socialist-Muslim-lover-multiculturalist? I found it hard to understand. Her book "Generous Betrayal: Politics of Culture in the New Europe" says that excessive respect for the immigrant's culture brought about lack of equality and freedom for the immigrants themselves. Her book was reviewed as follows:

Unsympathetic readers might reasonably accuse Wikan of engaging in a racist polemic, of being an apologist for anti-immigrant or anti-Muslim politics. Overall, the book tends to portray immigrants as lazy, criminally inclined, mostly illiterate men who steal welfare benefits and violently repress their daughters' and sisters' life chances. (American Ethnologist)

Is she an apologist for anti-Muslim politics or for pro-Muslim politics?

I contacted Professor Wikan and got the following response:

Nobody has been able to come up with the source where I allegedly said the outrageous thing that has been attributed to me. My name is being misused, but not in Norway or Sweden or Denmark where my position on violence in the name of religion or culture is so well known that it would be absurd to attribute a defense of rape to me.

Did she say the things attributed to her?

Like most everything else, the answer is a bit complicated. After a bit of searching, I found the original article from which the quote comes from. Professor Wikan did not reply to my questions on that article.

I bring the full translation below. It is important to notice, when reading it, exactly what she is quoted as saying, and what the reporter added. It is also important to note her conclusion.

Yes, she says that Norwegian women should adapt themselves. But the most important issue - how they are supposed to do that - is usually not quoted. What does she suggest, after all? That Norwegian women be careful around Muslim men? That they should assume that Muslim men will be more likely to rape them? That they don't invite them home?

Taking her quote in context, I doubt there are many people who wouldn't agree with her.

Here's the original article, translated from Dagbladet, with my added emphasis and comments:

"Thinks Norwegian girls invite sex"

Professor Unni Wikan isn't surprised by numbers showing that 65% of rapists in Oslo last year are non-Western men. Now she's asking Norwegian women to dress themselves less boldly. [since this claim does not appear as a later quote, I am not sure whether it is a quote or the reporter's understanding or what Wikan said]

"It is sensational how blind and naive Norwegian can be towards non-Western men. Norwegian women must use common sense," says Wikan to Dagbladet. Shocking numbers were published yesterday which show that the total number of rapes in Oslo went up by 40% from 1999 to 2000. For the first time, police classified rapists by ethnic background. The statistics show that fully 65% of the rapists come from a non-Western country.

Wikan, who is a profession of social anthropology, thinks Norwegian women must take their share in the responsibility for having rapes occur. She explains the appalling number by among other things, the culture conflicts that often arise between Norwegian women and foreign men.

"The numbers don't surprise me at all. Many immigrants think Norwegian women send them signals that ask for sexual contact. And then it can quickly go wrong. Many Norwegian women have by far poor knowledge of non-Western men's attitude towards women," says Wikan.

"It is never acceptable with rape. But it is understandable that some men from non-Western countries think that they get sexual invitations from Norwegian women who on their side are just acting normal for a Norwegian woman. It is sensational how blind and naive Norwegian women can be towards non-Western men," says Wikan.

She knows that she will be criticized for these statements, but thinks the debate is important.

"I will not blame Norwegian women for the rapes. But Norwegian women must understand that we live in a multi-cultural society and adapt themselves to it."

Unless they have a desire for sex Wikan advises Norwegian women, as strongly as possible, not to invite home, for example, Muslim men with little knowledge of Norwegian culture.

She points out also that rapists in most Muslim countries are hardly punished.

"In most places people think that it is the woman who holds the blame for the rape. And it is reasonable that immigrants take with them such attitudes when they flee here to the country," says the professor, who herself has lived many years in Muslim lands.

Source: Dagbladet (Norwegian)

German Schools: Separate entrances for Muslims?

In recent weeks I've seen several people get to my blog by looking up 'separate entrances for Muslims in German schools' and related queries. I was curious, for two reasons:

1. I was curious whether such a story could be true. In post-Holocaust Germany it seemed incredible that there would be schools where students are divided by religion.

2. I was curious whether this story had a pro or anti Islamist slant. Having separate entrances for Muslims and non-Muslims is something that could be viewed as extreme right wing, as well as extreme Islamist.

I therefore decided to do my own research into the topic. The source itself was quite easy to find:

Two schools in Berlin have installed two separate entrances – one for German Christians and Jews and the other for Muslim Arabs and Turks. (Journal Chretien, on online journal of the Global Christian Mission)

This quote appears in various other sources around the web, but never with more information. It is simply "two schools in Berlin".

Various discussions on the web on this issue bring several other sources, claiming that such segregation was not official, but something that was enforced by the students themselves. I turned to Editrix to help me with researching and translating.

[Update, see my 1st comment below:]
The main source for this story comes from Der Tagesspiegel "Civilized standards don't hold any more". The article is an interview with two youth judges and brings stories of extensive violence of Turk and Arab youths towards their German classmates at German (Berlin) schools, grabbing their mobile phones and MP3-players and some such. One judge says that he had been told of a school where Arabs and Turks prevented German students from using one entrance into the school. This might be a true story, but like all other stories, it lacks facts, names and corroboration from other sources.

My next question was: are there schools with separate entrances elsewhere in Europe?

The answer is again - no.

Brussels Journal brings a story of a school in Amsterdam with separate entrances for Dutch and for immigrants . Reading the story itself, it seems that this is not exactly the case. There are two schools using the same building - De Rietlanden school and the 8th Montessori school Zeeburg. These are two separate schools, but since 8th Montessori - the 'white' school - is so successful and attracts so many students, it took over the upper floor of De Rietlanden. Both schools have Dutch and immigrant students, but De Rietlanden apparently has a majority of such students and a major problem attracting students. De Rietlanden has about 170 while 8th Montessori has 600.

According to the 8th Montessori school principal, they take in about 1/3 of the immigrant students with learning problems, just as the other two schools in the neighborhood, but it is less apparent by them due to the school's large size. ( De Volkskrant, Dutch)

More research led me to stories of schools in Bosnia, where Muslim and non-Muslim students are completely segregated.

Students walk along the same road to school but once there, Muslim and Croatian children use separate entrances, file into different classrooms to different teachers who use conflicting books, says Reuters. "We don't socialize with them. We only beat them up," laughed a 13-year-old Bosnian Croat, loudly approved by other boys. The system of "two schools under one roof" was put in place when refugees started returning to heartland areas of the Muslim-Croat federation where once multi-ethnic communities were now clearly dominated by a majority. The plan, which led to the foundation of 54 schools, aimed to protect minorities against cultural assimilation. In practice, it brought segregation: pupils use separate doors or attend classes in shifts, sitting in rooms bearing the symbols of another nation. (Islam Online, English)

In both these cases, it is not 'Muslim supremacy' that is the cause of having separate entrances. In the Netherlands, it is the wish of Dutch parents not to send their kids to a "black" school, while in Bosnia it is an issue of different outlooks on geography, history and language.

French journalist Georges Bensoussan describes what is happening in French schools:

Muslim-Arab schoolchildren in primary school started the custom of using separate taps, one for the "muslims" and the other for the "French". Muslims leaders requested separate changing rooms for the students "since circumcised males cannot undress alongside the unclean". (Antisemitism in French Schools: Turmoil of a Republic, Hebrew University, 2004, based on interviews)

But even here there are no separate entrances for schools.

There is one western country, though, where you can find separate entrances for Muslims and non-Muslims: in Israel, on the Temple Mount. There are several entrances to the Temple Mount. Most are open only for Muslims and only one is available for non-Muslims, the Mughrabi Gate. Muslims recently demanded to close this gate when Israel wanted to conduct archaeological excavations at the site, in preparation for rebuilding a new bridge up to the gate. This was more than a demand to close down archaeological excavations. It was a demand to close down the only gate into the Temple Mount which is open for non-Muslims.

Stories of separate entrances for Muslims and non-Muslims in Western European schools are unsubstantiated. Until there are real facts to prove such stories - pictures, interviews or serious news stories which bring names of schools and other such information, the only conclusion is that they are simply urban legends.

Norway, Rape and Muslims: where's the study?

Q: Last week you wrote that you're researching the subject of rapes in Norway. What's happening with it?

A: I had written this article when I was close to giving up on getting additional data. I intended to post what I have found and leave whatever questions I still had as open questions. Since then I've discovered that with a little bit more patience, I could get answers. Every answer I get leads me to more material and more questions and so I have continued researching. Since all my questions are interconnected, I prefer finishing up my research before posting anything.

Q: Yes, but what's the point? We know Muslims are responsible for almost every rape in Norway.

A: If you already know, then I suppose there's no point in bringing statistics to the contrary, is there? This issue is not so simple and definitely not so clear cut as it sometimes appears on the news.

Q: What do you mean? I read the news. What can't be so clear cut?

A: Take as an example the "rape epidemic" in Oslo that appears in quite a few articles. It is based on simple facts - the numbers of rapes went up considerably over several years, by tens of percentages. Looking at the overall figures of sexual crimes, though, I noticed that it was pretty constant and that other sexual rape crime categories went down considerably. My theory: the definition of rape had been changed during those years and that affected the statistics. My findings till now support my theory.

Q: But it's ok for Muslims to rape infidels.

A: Whether it's true or not, this has nothing to do with what I'm researching. I'd like to understand how much of the connection Muslims-rape-Norway is hype and how much of it is true.

Q: Leading researchers said it's true.. and they also said Norwegians should adapt to Muslim sensibilities.

A: The people quoted are usually not leading researches in the subject of rape, but rather researchers of Islam. The issue of who should adapt to who is completely irrelevent to the actual data. If a professor says Norway should adapt to its immigrants and not vice versa, then that's a serious problem in itself. If the adaptation in question has nothing to do with facts, then it's even more serious.

Q: How much will you discover anyway? The gov't is doing everything it can to hide the connection between Muslims and rape.

A: The issue of what data is advertised is part of my research. For a gov't that is doing everything it can to hide the truth, Norway is advertising a lot of statistics and studies on the subject. Also, I am getting to-the-point responses to my queries.

See also: Norway, Rapes and Muslims - Questions

Norway, Rapes and Muslims - Questions

Much has been written about the rape epidemic in Oslo and the connection between Muslims and rape. Aftenposten, a Norwegian daily which has an English website, publishes articles on the subject every so often. Yesterday's article Women uneasy at night in Oslo brings some facts from the Oslo police:

20 percent of the assailants reported have a Middle Eastern background
19 percent have an African background
35 percent have Norwegian background.

In the past few weeks I have been researching this subject, focusing on rapes and sexual crimes in Norway. I intend to put out several articles discussing this issue, but first I'd like to present the questions which have been bothering me:

1. Is there a correlation between immigrants and rape statistics?

2. Is there a correlation between Muslims and rape statistics?

3. Recently there have been reports saying that Oslo has six times more rapes than New York. Is this true? What does it really mean?

4. There have also been reports of a rape epidemic in the past few years. Is this true? What does it really mean?

5. Aftenposten regularly interviews people at the Oslo rape clinic who say that the number of patients have doubled in the last ten years. Is this true? What does it really mean?

I have found partial answers to some of these questions and I will try to find answers to the rest as well. This article might be updated as I advance in my findings and encounter more questions. This article will also serve as a basis for all materials I collect on the subject.


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Aftenposten (Norway):

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Copenhagen Post (Denmark):
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