Norway, Rapes and Muslims - Questions

Much has been written about the rape epidemic in Oslo and the connection between Muslims and rape. Aftenposten, a Norwegian daily which has an English website, publishes articles on the subject every so often. Yesterday's article Women uneasy at night in Oslo brings some facts from the Oslo police:

20 percent of the assailants reported have a Middle Eastern background
19 percent have an African background
35 percent have Norwegian background.

In the past few weeks I have been researching this subject, focusing on rapes and sexual crimes in Norway. I intend to put out several articles discussing this issue, but first I'd like to present the questions which have been bothering me:

1. Is there a correlation between immigrants and rape statistics?

2. Is there a correlation between Muslims and rape statistics?

3. Recently there have been reports saying that Oslo has six times more rapes than New York. Is this true? What does it really mean?

4. There have also been reports of a rape epidemic in the past few years. Is this true? What does it really mean?

5. Aftenposten regularly interviews people at the Oslo rape clinic who say that the number of patients have doubled in the last ten years. Is this true? What does it really mean?

I have found partial answers to some of these questions and I will try to find answers to the rest as well. This article might be updated as I advance in my findings and encounter more questions. This article will also serve as a basis for all materials I collect on the subject.


Statistics Norway

Aftenposten (Norway):

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Copenhagen Post (Denmark):
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Captain USpace said...

Good post, it's in, thanks!

absurd thought -
God of the Universe says
rape is part of their culture

you simply must respect it
no matter how sick or vile

Ferdy said...

“20 percent of the assailants reported have a Middle Eastern background, 19 percent have an African background, 35 percent have Norwegian background.”

Interesting numbers, but I am missing 26% (20+19+35 = 74). Also I like to warn against the 35%, because what is Norwegian? 2e generation, 1e generation?

BTW good other source of statistics could be the prison population…

Esther said...

In every other case Norwegian background is ethnic Norwegian and I do not assume it is different here. This is supported by the fact that a significant percentage of rapists in Norway hold Norwegian citizenship. That is, "Norwegian background" means much more than "Norwegian citizenship". I will write about that in the future.

If you take a look at the "backgrounds" given there are a few missing - European background, Eastern European background, Asian background. Since I know some of the rapists of last summer were Eastern European, I would guess that would account for the missing 26%.

For this research I turned to official statistics and whatever was published on this issue. I welcome any comments and additional info by my readers. I emphasize that I intend to present statistics and perceive what I can in them. I won't draw conclusions until after I analyze my data.

Anonymous said...

Again that statistic was for those that commit rape. The 60+ number was to show statistically, that most rapes were from "immigrants".

When taking into account that most immigrants are from middle east and north africa, predominatly muslim, this is the argument.

The rest of the missing % would be Norwegian or other. Seeing as how small the immigrant population is compared to the Norwegian, this statistically is a valid argument for concern.