Norway: more on ID fraud

Several thousand Iraqis in Norway have been issued passports with a false name. This has been confirmed by the Iraqi Embassy in Stockholm, Sweden, Aftenposten writes.

The embassy is alleged to have issued Iraqi passports without having had their identity papers checked out.

Ambassador Ahmad Bamarni says to Aftenposten that the majority have recieved passports on the basis of false documents, because the embassy has had no possibility to determine if the documantation was genuine.

An Iraqi Kurdish man who made out false ID cards to Iraqis was last year sent to jail for five years for smugling humans and for forgery of documents, Aftenposten writes.

Among other things he issued ID cards to the 182 Kurds from Northern Iraq who have been staying in Norway with so-called MUF status.

This means they could stay in Norway on a temporary basis, without the right to family re-unification.

Source: The Norway Post (English)

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