Denmark: Constitution in Turkish

A Turkish solicitor has decided to translate the Danish constitution into Turkish

Kadir Erdogmus was the first Turk to be given the right to practice law in Denmark. It is therefore only natural that he will be the one to translate Denmark's constitution into Turkish for the first time.

The lawyer from Roskilde, west of Copenhagen, believes that there has been a need for the translation for some time and that it will serve to help integration.

'The constitution is fundamental to our basic laws and contains what rights citizens have and their duties to the state - and also what limitations the state has regarding private citizens.'

'Therefore it is important that the constitution can be read by everyone, including those who cannot read Danish.'

There are currently over 60,000 people in Denmark with Turkish roots. Erdogmus belives the translation will help those people understand the law better and use it as a reference guide. He added that he hopes it will also help them understand why Danes are critical of the Turkish constitution.

The first 19 sections of the translated constitution have already been posted on the internet.

Source: Copenhagen Post (English)

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