Rotterdam: Trouble in 'Mecca on the Meuse'?

Rotterdam: Trouble in 'Mecca on the Meuse'?

Dutch newspaper De Telegraaf reported yesterday that the Hillesluis neighborhood of Rotterdam, which they described as a 'Muslim neighborhood' and a little "Mecca on the Meuse", was up in arms.

Apparently Muslim residents discovered that there's a BDSM (bondage, discipline and sadomasochism) photography studio in the middle of their neighborhood. The studio belongs to Leo de Deugd, the only Dutch artist to specialize in S&M and fetishes.

De Telegraaf reported that the studio, which keeps out of sight, is right next to halal insurer AZ Zorg and immigrant temp agency Oguz and around the corner from the Essalam mosque, currently being built, the biggest in Europe.

The De Telegraaf journalist interviewed several people in the area who were shocked to hear that such a studio existed and said that such things don't belong there.

I did not post this story since there seemed to be something missing: anybody actually 'up in arms' about it.

Dutch blog GeenStijl decided to investigate and sent a reported to check the story. His video report is in Dutch, but I think it speaks for itself. The reporter could not find anybody who actually knew about the studio, or who cared that it was there.

The mosque is not actually 'right around the corner' (02:00-02:30 in the clip):, and to top it off, the neighborhood also has a shop selling sex toys (03:20) and a movie theater showing porn films. All proudly advertising their wares.

The storekeeper says he never had any troubles with Muslims.

De Telegraaf had meanwhile removed the online version of their article.

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