Antwerp: Sharia4Belgium to pay penalties for disturbing (next) lecture

Antwerp: Sharia4Belgium to pay penalties for disturbing (next) lecture

Antwerp won its court case against the Sharia4Belgium organization, which had called on its website to disturb Benno Barnard's lecture about Islam.


Radical Muslims didn't give the Dutch author an opportunity to start his speech which had the provocative title "Long Live God, Down with Allah".

The Antwerp Alderman College decided per the proposal of Mayor Patrick Janssens to seek an injunction against the organization.

The court decided on Wednesday that if an organization or individual will disturb another lecture by Barnard, they would have to pay 25,000 euro as penalty, it was announced Thursday.

Trouble-makers who would refuse to show their ID cards, would pay a penalty of 2,000 euro.

The sharia4belgium site has meanwhile been taken off-line by the provider. The version with the slightly altered name shariah4belgium is also not available at the moment.

Source: Knack (Dutch)

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