Denmark: Wrong 'murderer' being targeted

Denmark: Wrong 'murderer' being targeted

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Wednesday before Easter, Ahmad Akileh (20) of Denmark got a shock.  Several Swedes wrote him on Facebook that he picture was being used in two group on the network regarding the murder in Landskrona (Sweden).

And indeed, he searched on Facebook, clicked and saw his own profile image being used on a page about the murder of the 78 year old woman in Landskrona in Sweden.  The 23 year old man who was arrested for the murder in Sweden is also called Akmad Akileh.

The two facebook groups are so-called hate-groups, where members debate the murder and smear the suspected murderer.  The suspect is a Swedish-Lebanese and there are several racist comments on the site, and all this was going on under the picture of Ahmad Akileh from Vejle.  Several people also wrote threats and comments on his own facebook profile. 

Ahmad Akileh wrote Facebook and asked them to remove his image from the groups.  He got no answer, but now, a week after he first discovered the pictures, they were removed.  But his picture still appears on another Swedish site about the murder, which was committed in Sweden.
He tried to go to the police in Vejle to report the sites, but they sent him to the National Police because it concerned Swedish groups and sites.  The National Police sent him back to the local police.  Ahmad Akileh is now considering going to a lawyer, to have his image removed from the Swedish site on the murder.

Source: DR (Danish)

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