UK: Muslim groups upset at 'mosques' on firing ranges

UK: Muslim groups upset at 'mosques' on firing ranges

If a building just needs to be green and have a dome in order to be considered 'mosque-like', then why demand minarets and crescents?


Muslim groups are demanding an apology from the British Army after it emerged that models of mosques are being erected on military firing ranges.

The chairman of the Bradford Council for Mosques (BMC) has called for the cut-outs to be removed immediately.

Seven replica mosques were erected on a range at Bellerby, Catterick Garrison, North Yorkshire to prepare soldiers for combat in Afghanistan.

Some of the mosques have single domes and others have double domes, and appear to be targets for six firing ranges around 100 metres away, in full view of the main road.

The BMC said that the mosques were being used as a 'symbol of danger' and served to reinforce negative stereotypes of Muslims.

Ishtiaq Ahmed of the BMC said: 'We are hoping they will take immediate action to remove the structures in question and they also will be very quick to accept they have made a major blunder.

'We came to know about the structures because a passer-by saw them from the road and felt that they resembled mosques.

'We visited the site yesterday and realised that they did symbolise mosques.


An MOD spokesman insisted the models were not meant to offend religious sensibilities, but added that it was crucial for the armed forces to train at ranges that replicate the environments they will be deployed to

'The shape of the structures, the green colour of the dome - symbolises an Islamic place of worship.

'What angers me very much is that we are conditioning the young British to say that mosques are a place where you are going to find danger and a place to target and that is really disturbing.'

'We will be formally writing to the Army today and will be hoping an apology is issued to the Muslim Community.


An MOD spokesman said the structures were 'generic Eastern buildings' and were not used as target practice.

He said the MOD had 'no intention' of causing offence and that the mosques were made to replicate the environment soldiers would face.


Source: Daily Mail (English), h/t Vlad Tepes

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