France: Minister furious at racist remark

France: Minister furious at racist remark

Via the Connexion:

THE Minister for youth Jeannette Bougrab walked out of a UMP meeting last weekend after a party member used racist language during a debate.

Bougrab, the former president of the anti-prejudice rights watchdog La Halde, quit the meeting early after demanding an apology from the audience member.

She had been taking part in a debate on secularism during a meeting of the Franche-Comté branch of the UMP.

As the subject of new funding plans for the building and restoration of mosques and churches was raised, a man, later identified as a 70-year-old former doctor, shouted out that he had had enough of "money going just toward bougnoules" - a racist term for people of north African origin.

While a party member in the audience said the term was not directed at the minister, she responded saying she was descended from a family of Harkis (Muslim Algerians who fought for France during the Algerian war).

"All my family fought for France. I can't accept this language," she added, demanding an apology before walking out of the meeting and taking a train back to Paris.