Norway: Swedish al-Shabaab recruiters recruiting for Jihad

Norway: Swedish al-Shabaab recruiters recruiting for Jihad

Via VG (Norwegian):

At least five young Norwegian-Somalis were recruited to al-Shabaab in Somalia last year, reports Aftenposten, based on several independent sources. One of the recruits was killed in battle last March.

The Norwegian-Somali youth who went to Somalia were all recruited by recruiters from the Somali community in Sweden, reports Aftenposten. They looked for young boys in Norwegian mosques and offered them the assistance they needed to go and devote themselves to Jihad for al-Shabaab.

Recruitment is more systematic in Sweden, and over 30 people of Somali origin had been recruited there over the past two years.

The Norwegian Security Service PST is concerned about this development. Jon Fitje of the PST says that it's not dangerous when they go, but rather when they return and are able to carry out terror attacks. The trend is a negative one, when discussing the likelihood of terror attacks in Norway.